DTECH 2 Way Powered VGA Splitter Amplifier Box High Resolution 1080p SVGA Video 1 in 2 out 250 Mhz for 1 PC to Dual Monitor Computer

DTECH 2 Way Powered VGA Splitter Amplifier Box High Resolution 1080p SVGA Video 1 in 2 out 250 Mhz for 1 PC to Dual Monitor Computer


  • Brand: DTech
  • Manufacturer: Guangzhou DTECH Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Model: DT-7252V
  • Weight: 65


  • 2 port VGA splitter box splits 1 video source to 2 separate monitors (showing same screen simultaneously)
  • 250 MHz bandwidth enables you to maintains highest signal strength in all applications up to 1920 x 1440 at 60Hz resolution
  • Portable video distribution booster box with built-in circuits amplifier to enable you to connect multiple output displays and extend transmission distance up to 130ft using standard VGA cable
  • Mini size box saves desk space and Metal housing ensures maximum durability as well reliability
  • Ideal for video presentations, sharing information with multiple users or digital signage applications


This 1 in 2 out VGA video splitter is a great choice for watching the same video on both of monitors, and its output image quality can be the same quality as the original signal.

Powered VGA Splitter for Dual Monitors Setup (Mirror)
It copies and repeats one single signal, then sends it to two monitors rather than just passively splits it like cheap splitter adapter cable does, so that it enables you to display the same image on dual screens with the same quality signals as the original signals.

Long Extended Distance Supported for Convenient Connection
It has the ability to extend operating distance up to 130ft, while your normal VGA card over a standard VGA cable can send clear signal approximately 25 feet only. This small but powerful box enables you to set up your far side displays easily.

Input: 1 port 15 Pin VGA Female
Output: 2 port 15 Pin VGA Female
Max. Resolution: 1920 x 1440 @ 60Hz
Video Bandwidth: 250MHz (allows for the transmission of large amounts of information at a very high rate of speed)
Transmission Distance: up to 130 ft/40m (max input distance 65ft, max output distance 65ft by using 24 AWG VGA cable)
Plug and Play, No drivers required

1- It doesn't support extended desktop display applications, is not for viewing different images on each of monitors.

2 -
Only output port 1 with "SUPPORT DDC2" label have DDC 2 function, which means that the other output ports take their cues from the port 1. If you plug a DDC compatible monitor into the port 1, all other monitors must be able to support the highest resolution of the monitor connected to port 1 (you can set up all the output monitor's resolution as the same).

What's Included
1 x VGA Splitter (1 input 2 output)
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual