COMICA 4-Way Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2300MHz

COMICA 4-Way Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2300MHz

Price: $13.95


  • Brand: comica
  • Manufacturer: BAMF Manufacturing
  • Model: 4330165795
  • Weight: 1


  • 5-2300 MHz (2.3Ghz) RF bi-directional digital Coax/ coaxial cable Splitter for CATV and satellite and great for Mocha
  • Internal circuit board for better reliability/durability. Outside is weather resistant design for keeping elements out
  • Low signal loss of only 7dB on each output port improving performance and speeds
  • All ports are power passing for easy satellite Connection
  • High shielding structure lowers digital noise and improves signal quality, reducing packet loss for modems, and for all other devices


Bam splitters were designed by 2 highly experienced cable Technicians who were frustrated by the lack of access the general public had to high quality components for their cable setups. Bam splitters were built to give an improved experience for the end user very high quality, bi-directional, high performance Solid built, 4-Way coax cable splitters designed for CATV, satellite, or antenna services. They use frequency spectrum 5-2300 MHz for Optimal performance on all devices. Whether you are using cable internet (broadband), TV or phone, satellite TV, or antenna system We have you covered. Works great with Mocha systems. Zinc die-cast housing with nickel plating, F-type connector, low insertion loss, high isolation, max passing current 0.5a, DC 24V, multi-outputs. These splitters are made to connect to any size of coaxial cable, which includes newer RG6 cable or older RG59 cable and will support any device that works with a coaxial connection. Unlike some cheaper splitters, which contain thin soldered wires to connect each port, bam splitters house A much more durable and reliable circuit board for passing signal from port to port. The shielding improves signal quality for internet and VoIP devices improving speeds and lowering packet loss.