TV Antenna Indoor,HDTV Antenna TV Digital HD 4K,80 Miles Range Max,with Powerful Amplifier Signal Booster and 16.5ft Coax Cable,2018 Newest

TV Antenna Indoor,HDTV Antenna TV Digital HD 4K,80 Miles Range Max,with Powerful Amplifier Signal Booster and 16.5ft Coax Cable,2018 Newest


  • Brand: YYinno
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: YYinno
  • Model: YY-TV-007


  • FREE FOR LIFE - no one likes to pay expensive cable subscription when you can watch same channels for free in FHD and 4K resolution. This antenna lets you watch TV channels in full HD quality and that too without a fee, free for life time
  • 4K TV ANTENNA - supports 4K and full HD 1080p channels for free for lifetime. Watching TV channels in HD resolution on your TV will give you whole new experience
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY GUARANTEED---Optimal digital antenna design and strict production control. This is why we can provide lifetime warranty for television antenna. If you have any problems in the use process, please contact our customers at the first time, we will provide you satisfied services. CLICK 'BUY NOW' AND THEN ENJOY FREE 4K TV.
  • POWERFUL AMPLIFIER - two mode amplification for long and range. It was put to range test by us and it receives channels 80 miles away from the transmitter
  • PLUG AND PLAY---Connect antenna to 'ANT IN' on the back of any HDTV. Place the indoor Antenna in a desired location, Scan for channels in your television menu, Try different locations, scanning each time for best video quality. With 2 Velcro patches and Extra Long 16.5FT coaxial cable ,so you can position the antenna where the signal is the strongest.


Are you tired of paying expensive cable subscription but still not receiving HD resolution TV channels? How about if we tell you that you can watch HD TV Channels on your TV now and that too free for life time and no subscription fee?B
Sounds too good to be true right? But you actually can and all you have to do is buy this antenna and set it up, that’s it!

Set Up Guide:
Follow the 5 steps easy to follow installation method to get your HDTV Antenna ready to work:
1.Connect coaxial cable from antenna to the ANT/IN or CABLE IN port on the back of your TV or set-top box
2.Plug power cable's USB connector into an open USB port on TV, or into a wall outlet with power adapter
3.Mount antenna on wall or windows, find the best signal position and lock it
4.Scan TV for Channels, auto tuning is recommended
5.Choose Short Range (when yellow light is on) for TV tower within 35 miles. Choose Long Range (when green light is on) for TV tower more than 35 miles away

For more information, please see user’s manual.
HDTV Antenna Specifications:
ï‚·Reception Range: 80 miles ï‚·Frequency: VHF (170~240MHz), UHF (470~860MHz)
ï‚·LNA Gain: 25dB or 5dB
ï‚·Connector: Female
ï‚·Power Supply Connector: USB
ï‚·Coaxial Cable Length: 16.5 FT
ï‚·USB Power Cable Length: 3.3 FT (39.6 in)
ï‚·Leaf Size:13.2*9.2in

Before you buy HDTV antenna, please check digital TV reception and list of channels by visiting and entering your area on Alternatively, you can also check on and