Toshiba SD-V280 DVD-VCR Combo, Silver

Toshiba SD-V280 DVD-VCR Combo, Silver


  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Manufacturer: Toshiba
  • Model: SD-V280


  • ColorStream component-video DVD outputs; 10-bit, 27 MHz video conversion
  • Quasi S-VHS compatible VCR with 19-micron heads (for stable still-frames) and hi-fi stereo sound
  • MP3-CD playback, DVD picture zoom, DVD bookmarking (skip instantly to your favorite scenes)
  • Optical and coaxial digital-audio outputs accommodate all digital surround receivers
  • Includes remote control


N/A The Toshiba SDV280 DVD/VCR Combo with DVD-R and MP3 Playback combines the ease of VHS with the quality and fun of DVD, even throwing MP3-playing capability into the mix.

Video Features
In addition to common DVDs and VHS tapes, this unit plays DVD-Video/CD/Video CDs, as well as DVD-R/CD-R/CD-RW discs made with a personal computer. Its ColorStream component video outputs deliver fantastic color images, and the VCR unit features a 4-head 19-micron system. A 10-bit 27mHz video digital-to-analog conversion with high-resolution filter also adds to color purity, detail, and resolution. When recording DVD to VHS, provided the DVD has not been encoded with the macrovision copy protection, this unit provides easy copying without color distortion. It also sports picture zoom, commercial skip, and many other standard features.

Audio Features
The SDV280 features 24-Bit/96kHz PCM audio compatibility, which improves the sound in many types of discs, producing warmer, more natural-sounding tones. It also sports coaxial and optical TosLink digital audio output, is MP3 audio compatible, and features VHS hi-fi stereo.

Other Features
This unit also includes icon-based onscreen displays, commercial skip, and picture zoom.