Q-See 4K 8MP 12 Bullet, 4 Dome 16-Channel NVR Ultra HD QC IP Series Surveillance with H.265 and 4TB HDD (QC826-4 +12x QCN8093B +4x QCN8096D)

Q-See 4K 8MP 12 Bullet, 4 Dome 16-Channel NVR Ultra HD QC IP Series Surveillance with H.265 and 4TB HDD (QC826-4 +12x QCN8093B +4x QCN8096D)

Price: $2,699.99


  • Brand: Q-See
  • Color: 16 Cams, 12B+4D + NVR QC826-4 TB
  • Manufacturer: Digital Peripheral Solutions
  • Model: QC826-4-4K-12B-4D


  • 12x Bullet Cameras, and 4x Dome Cameras, Outdoor-Rated 4K Ultra HD IP, includes 16x UL-compliant 100' Cat5e Camera Cable, and the QC826 which is the latest generation of 4K (8MP) Q-See QC series NVR, full complement of 16 QC-Series cameras, 4 TB of Hard Drive storage included and a second bay for expansion, with the performance of H.265 encoding, IVA, POE and ease and flexibility of deployment over IP networks.
  • Easy Installation: With Q-See's on-screen Startup Wizard, setup is simple. The first time you turn on your system, the Startup Wizard will walk you through all the necessary steps to have you monitoring in no time. Camera installation is just as simple! The entire setup process can be completed right from your mobile device using our QR Code Assisted Setup. Setup takes but a few minutes and you are up and ready to go.
  • Remote Monitoring: Access and control your system from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone, tablet or computer. Receive instant alerts and mobile notifications to see events as they happen. Ensuring that your home or business is safe and sound is simply a tap away with our Q-See Mobile Application, compatible with Apple and Android based devices. Once installed, watching live feeds and recorded playback from each of your systems cameras is just a tap away.
  • H.265 Video Encoding: What exactly is H.265? H.265 is a video compression technology that allows for optimized mobile streaming, data saving techniques and improved video compression clarity. H.265 is faster, consumes 50% LESS data allowing you to store more video data to your Recorder's Hard Drive. H.265, double the data, double the security!
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE): Q-See IP HD technology features POE access for your IP products, with 16 built-in POE ports. Easy installation and setup enables you to use one cable for both your digital video signal and power connections. PoE connectivity greatly simplifies long-range surveillance of your home or retail property - simply add additional cameras to spare PoE ports on your NVR! Cost-effective, flexible, and reliable, PoE intelligent design helps meet all your security needs.


Attain heightened security protection with Q-See's 4K Ultra HD advanced technology, providing 4X the resolution of 1080p video footage that captures facial features, clothing colors, and other important identifiers with the sharpest precision. 4K Ultra HD Video Recording delivers unparalleled clarity in video quality, ensuring that what you see "live" is identical to what you see on your recorded footage, providing maximum security. Sturdy metal construction cameras suitable for outdoor weather. Connect via App right from your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • H.265 Video Compression offers optimized video, with up to 50% storage and bandwidth reduction.
  • Supported Recording Resolutions:
    • 4K at 15 Frames per Second (FPS), 3MP at 25 FPS, 2MP/1080p at 30 FPS
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports for direct camera connection, comes with 100ft CAT5E cables
  • Camera connection option over Network/Internet
  • Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) - map out specific areas for precise motion-activated alerts. Know immediately if anyone has crossed your yard, or tampered with your property
  • Remote Monitoring via Web Browser, QC View, Windows/Mac, Apple and Android devices
  • Instant email alerts with snapshot attachments
  • Compatible with IP PTZ Cameras (optional, not included)
  • Compatible with Q-See QCNxxxx IP series cameras (Not with Q-See QT Cameras)
  • For more detailed descriptions, please refer to listings for Add-On Camera and NVR-Only

  • What's Included:
  • NVR (QC826), 4TB HDD installed, 2nd bay for HDD expansion by another 6TB
  • Quick Start Guide
  • (12) 4K Bullet Cameras (QCN8093B)
  • (4) 4K Dome Cameras (QCN8096D)
  • (16) 100ft Ethernet Cable (Cat5E)
  • Limited 2-Year Q-See Warranty and Technical Support