Beyond 125Db Personal Alarm with Big Button 1 Touch Activation

Beyond 125Db Personal Alarm with Big Button 1 Touch Activation


  • Brand: Beyond
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Vigilant Personal Protection Systems
  • Model: PPS-20BL


  • Wearable: tear-away neck lanyard is perfect for bikers, walkers, and hands free use
  • Big on/off button: simply press the oversized red button for easy on/off of the 125dB alarm
  • Flashlight: LED flashlight for immediate vicinity illumination powered by included preloaded user replaceable LR44 batteries
  • Batteries: your alarm comes with LR44 watch-type batteries which are included, preloaded and user replaceable
  • Warranty: vigilant alarms come with a full one year Warranty against manufacturing defects


The vigilant PPS-20BL is a personal alarm for active lifestyles. Designed to be worn like a necklace, it's easy to take along. One Touch activation triggers the relentless hands-free 125dB personal alarm. It features a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck, and the lanyard has a tear-away clasp in the back.125dB is loud enough to summon attention and help, but not loud enough to cause hearing damage as you're wearing this Around your neck. The volume level at close range is comparable to an ambulance siren passing you.The alarm has a built in LED flashlight which is great for night walks or immediate area illumination. Press and hold the small gray button to light up your walking path, key hole, or sidewalk.With it's rugged, hands Free design, this is the perfect alarm for runners, walkers, and bikers. It is also a great alarm for students of all ages. It's weather resistant, and can take the rigors of daily use as a constant companion. It is legal on airplanes in a TSA approved category for carry on, legal on all high school and college campuses, and has No use restrictions anywhere in the United States. Vigilant personal protection systems