Ring Stick Up Cam, Outdoor security camera with 2-way audio

Ring Stick Up Cam, Outdoor security camera with 2-way audio
From Ring

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  • Color: Camera
  • Brand: Ring
  • Model: 88SC000FC100
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  • Dimensions: 4.98" h x 2.43" w x 1.45" l, .57 pounds


  • The only wireless outdoor security camera with HD video and two-way audio.
  • See, hear and speak to anyone on your property from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Get instant alerts when the built-in motion sensors detect activity at your home.
  • Monitor your home-day or night-with HD video and infrared night vision.
  • Live View enabled: Check-in on your home at any time with video on demand.
  • Easily mounts to any surface with the included tool kit and installation guides.
  • Free 30-day trial to Cloud Video Recording, so you can review, save and share videos captured by Ring
  • Requires sufficient WiFi signal. See user guide below for easy installation steps.

At Ring, our mission is simple: To reduce crime in neighborhoods. And by putting the power of home security in your hands, we’re making that mission a reality.

Ring keeps your home secure and your family safe by protecting you against intruders, burglars, package thieves and any other unwanted guests. Ring Stick Up Cam lets you monitor your home from anywhere. Because with Ring, you’re always home.

Ring Stick Up Cam is the world’s only wireless outdoor security camera with HD video and two-way audio. It lets you see, hear and speak to anyone at your home from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Stick Up Cam comes equipped with Live View, which allows you to check-in on your home at any time and watch video on demand at your convenience, creating an added level of security. And with the optional Cloud Video Recording service, you can review, save and share up to six months of videos captured by Ring.

An adjustable mounting bracket allows you to install Stick Up Cam anywhere and get the perfect angle to watch over your home. It's customizable motion sensors send you instant alerts when any motion is detected, and its weatherproof construction and infrared night vision allow you to watch over your home around the clock in any condition—day or night, rain or shine. Stick Up Cam is compatible with the optional Ring Solar Panel. With just a few hours of direct sunlight, Ring Solar Panel will charge your Stick Up Cam throughout the day and night. Connect your Stick Up Cam to your Solar Panel to get non-stop power, and you’ll never have to worry about charging your device.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 10 devices.
Comes with a free 30-day trial of Cloud Video Recording.
Connects to optional Ring Solar Panel for non-stop power.
Requires Wi-Fi connection.

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4The Good, The Bad and the Moderately Unattractive.
By Corpus Delecti
I have been doing research on wireless exterior options for some time now trying to find out what the best solution was for me. I own the Ring.Com doorbell and was really happy with it so I thought these would be a nice exterior monitoring suite to add to my already successful doorbell. From what I have seen there really aren't that many out there doing the battery option. Arlo seems to be the main competitor and from the reviews I have read the battery life on those is not great and can be a hassle (though I have not personally tested them). Stick up cam boasts a battery life cycle of a year. I'm sure this has a lot to do with how often it is activated. Not sure what metrics they are using as based on the couple months I have had them and the battery drain level, I don't see it lasting for a year. The good news is that they are offering solar panels that you can set up next to it and plug in which would eliminate the need to climb, remove and charge. Even without the solar panels the batteries seem to offer longer life than any other current competitor. Here are some of the Pro's and Con's based on my experience.

The Good:

1. Long Battery Life

2. All can be controlled in one app. An all inclusive system from setup to viewing.

3. Cloud monitoring cost. If you sign up for the year service it will cost $30 (or $2.50 a month) which is the least expensive cloud service I've come across (Nest and most others is $10 a month which is considerably higher). I have seen some (Y cam) that offer 7 days free but the reviews on service outage, poor functionality and no stateside support made me go a different direction. In addition those cameras need power and are not battery based so it isn't a direct apples for apples comparison.

4. Quality & capability. It works well for what it does and the capabilities it possesses. You are not going to get 1080P resolution from a 720P camera. It seems that people expect it but it isn't realistic. 1080p wireless cameras often do not perform well as the amount of data that has to be transferred is too much when sending video and audio wirelessly. Nest does well but it has to be plugged in and doesn't offer an outdoor solution without a separate housing. For interior Nest might be great but the monitoring cost is a killer. I think 720P is a good compromise to offer a system that works well on a battery and still delivers. Depending on how and where it is mounted you will see colors fine and enough detail to be usable for most of your needs. If you are too far away no camera without a zoom feature will make out great facial detail or plates, even at 1080P. I work in law enforcement and have successfully used images from these cameras to solve crimes, it's good evidence to have. Something is better than nothing.

5. Two way audio on every camera with mic and speaker. Not an absolute need on a security camera but a nice to have.

6. Ease of install and setup. Charge, Pair to App, and Mount. After full charge you can set one up and mount it in 15-20 minutes.

7. Customer service has been very helpful and great. I use their online live chat feature and have always had good service. I didn't need any on installing as the cameras have a simple set up and just work but they have helped me a lot on ordering and for other questions.

8. It's Green. It will not cost you to run it all the time as it is battery based. Paired with the solar panel mother earth will power your unit.

9. Free theft replacement. They will replace your camera if it is stolen if a police report is filed. I don't know of any other company that offers that service. It takes away the fear that the cameras could be easily stolen because they are not tethered. If a thief got that close to take your camera you would definitely have a good image of their face for the report. Try and mount them high enough to not be a problem. They suggest 10 feet.

The Bad

1. Ring boasts it has really great motion detection that monitors heat signatures but it does at times record when nothing is there. I don't mind it as I would rather have more monitoring than less, though this will likely affect battery life. You can adjust the distance and area it monitors to tweak this a bit but it could use more refinement. The pro version coming out allows for drawable zones. It would be great if this feature was added to the stick ups.

2. Live viewing. It doesn't have it. To view a live feed from the camera it needs a motion detection. The latest news release from Ring said they will be adding this feature soon. They just added it to the Ring doorbell if you have a wired install. The feature on that still isn't great and only works sometimes. I suspect they will figure this out, fix it and add it to all their stick up cams. It is a bit of their achilles heel as most cameras on the market have this feature. Overall I knew it didn't have this feature when I bought it so if it happens great but I don't really need it. I would rather it told me when something was there and recorded it than me having a live view feature. It wasn't a deal breaker for me. If it is for you I would go elsewhere or wait till the feature is added.

Moderately Unattractive

1 It's not the best looking camera on the market. The new pro doorbell offers swappable cover plates and a smaller form factor but these all come in black. I suppose you could paint them but they aren't the best looking things on the planet. It's largely a ring doorbell rectangle without the push button, that hangs on the wall and acts as a surveillance camera. It's bulky, angular and not the best to look at. It likely needs more room for the battery life so It's a negative I can live with for the benefit of not plugging it in.

2. The interface. It largely records snippets of video packets and sends them to the cloud for viewing. On the app you can deal with all recordings or just recordings from a specific camera. You will spend a lot of time scrolling through the list and looking for the correct time frames to see what recorded when. It isn't a perfect system but it works, its off site and the quality seems ok.

3. Audible low tone click. When you walk in front of a stick up cam and trigger its motion sensor it makes a low tone click sound, not loud but audible. I would rather it had a more silent operation. I suppose there is a case to be made for it being a good deterrent and benefit to let the would be person of interest (that doesn't want to be on camera) realize they now on camera and should take corrective action, i.e. leave.

4. No cloud service discount for multiple devices. It would be nice if they offered a discount if you purchased multiple devices as I have. All in they are still the least expensive cloud service in town but it would be an incentive to add more devices if I felt I got a break on the monitoring cost.

Summary: They are not perfect but it is a pretty good system all things considered. Based on overall price and functionality it is a hard one to beat. You can add them one at a time as you see a need to cover more zones of entry to your home. It is a nice piece of mind to have and adds an off site recording feature that allows for home surveillance without running lots of wires. With the addition of solar panels the remove and charge need goes away and you have a full time wireless system. Make sure to spring for a good router that has good distance. I have an ASUS AC router that does well. I added a 9db gain antennae to make sure it would reach the exterior of my home on all sides and it does. Good luck and happy monitoring.

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By Timmothy Boyd
I got the stick up camera instead of the doorbell because my wired doorbell location is not ideal. The day after I installed it I got a notification that there was movement at my door. I look, and see a lost dog on my porch. I was able to find the panicking dog's owner and reunite them.

I bought it to allow my wife to see who is at the door, and talk to them via the two-way audio without having to open the door when she is home alone with our kids (I travel for work). Works perfectly for us.

Have owned it for a month now - and so far have not had a single false positive motion alert (no trees blowing, shadows, etc setting off alerts).

The only negative I have is battery life. I am currently running on batery and have to recharge this thing once every 2 weeks, but probably because I use Live View which drains the battery. I just use an Anker USB battery pack to charge it overnight without even having to take the camera down and it works well with my setup.

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5We Now Have Live View!
By RellBell902
Updated 7.13

I received a notification yesterday from Ring that Live View is now working for the stickup cam. This makes the product five stars for me now. This was the one thing that I was waiting for to make me really love this product and I'm happy they added it.

One thing to note is that if you are going to be frequently using live view I would suggest getting the solar panel. I have it and love it. We have it mounted on our deck where we get alot of sun and the cord is long enough to stretch to the camera. Very happy customer now!
I love the stickup cam and have had it since Ring began selling it on their website only. I am apparently one of the few people who really love it.

We have the camera in our backyard and it has been working great for us. We have it connected to the solar panel which works exactly as expected. The only thing I don't love about it is the the purplish hue that I see on the images. This is something that was ok with the ring doorbell, but it can make the image a little odd in our backyard because it is much darker back there than it is in the front yard.

If I could make any suggestions to those purchasing the Stick Up Cam it would be to hang it high where a burglar could not easily reach it. This camera seems like it would be much easier to steal than the doorbell as you can unscrew the rotating head pretty easily. But, other than that I am really pleased with our purchase!

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