Silicon Power AA Ultra Alkaline Batteries (40 Pack) SPAL02ABAT40PV1K

Silicon Power AA Ultra Alkaline Batteries (40 Pack) SPAL02ABAT40PV1K

Price: $15.99


  • Brand: Silicon Power
  • Color: 40PK
  • Model: SPAL02ABAT40PV1K
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs


  • Pack of 40 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries
  • Long lasting with good quality
  • Leakage-resistant test passed and secure free
  • Works with a variety of devices (not rechargeable)


Keep power for long long time even after years of storage, SP AA alkaline batteries is ready for use whenever you need power that they can keep 75% of the power after being stored for 3 years. Power your game for endless fun SP AA alkaline batteries can work with low to high drain devices, especially ideal for those with greater power consumption, such as gaming mouses and video game controllers. The long-lasting battery is the best choice for game enthusiasts to enjoy the fun without any interruption by dead batteries. Anti-leakage protection for long-lasting shelf life up to 7 years SP AA alkaline batteries guarantee anti-leakage performance that enables extended shelf life and long-term storage. It is tested that the leakage-free protection allows the batteries to hold their energy for up to 7 years in storage. Trusted quality and durability SP AA alkaline batteries are engineered with advanced technology to provide excellent power supply for both everyday electronic use and emergency cases. To promise high quality and reliability, the SP AA alkaline batteries have passed multiple safety tests to withstand shock, temperature changing, over discharge and external short circuit. Box contains 10 x Silicon Power AA alkaline batteries