AGPtEK Armband for iPod Nano - 7th Generation / 8th Generation ( Black )

AGPtEK Armband for iPod Nano - 7th Generation / 8th Generation ( Black )

Price: $15.99


  • Brand: AGPtek
  • Color: Armband for iPod Nano
  • Manufacturer: AGPtEK
  • Model: 4330379338


  • COMPATIBILITY - Lightweight, comfortable neoprene armband only for iPod Nano 7th Generation / 8th Generation.
  • CONVENIENT - with open face design, no effect for operation.(touch screen, power on/off, Volume control, and charging) with full navigational control.
  • Comfortable - soft thin and lightweight, no burden for sports.
  • MATERIAL: This armband is made of Lycra over Neoprene that is durable yet soft to the touch
  • Size - Armband 17.3in long, fit arm circumferences from 8.66-15in


A safe & effective solution for carrying your device/listening to music while you exercise. Access your device's essential buttons & features, while providing a protective skin for workouts. A soft & breathable Polyamide Lycra Velcro strap with fits arm sizes 8.7-15In.

Product Features - Silicone case for carrying your device during workouts.
- Polyamide Lycra Velcro strap fits a variety of arm sizes.
- Access device buttons/features.
- Insert/remove a device quickly.
- Hand-washable
Compatibility - Case fits the iPod Nano 7th & 8th Generation (without a case). -Strap fits 22CM-38.1CM arm circumferences.
Installation Place a device in the case, adjust the strap like a belt on your arm & secure it with the Velcro.

- Our customers have told us that unobstructed access to the touch screen controls on their device was a highly sought after feature when choosing a sport armband. To accommodate this feature, we've designed this case to have an open face that allows for instant access to the touch screen controls, while at the same time providing a case that will hold the device securely. While an open face design allows for unobstructed access to the touch screen controls, extra care should taken if you expect to use this armband in a wet environment as follows:
*This armband is not waterproof and will not protect your device in the rain
*Users that may experience excessive sweating during exercise should consider whether a waterproof armband might be more appropriate for their particular use