Commixc Walkie Talkie Earpiece, 2.5mm 1-Pin G Shape Walkie Talkie Headset with PTT Mic, Compatible with Motorola Talkabout Cobra Two-Way Radios (2 Pack)

Commixc Walkie Talkie Earpiece, 2.5mm 1-Pin G Shape Walkie Talkie Headset with PTT Mic, Compatible with Motorola Talkabout Cobra Two-Way Radios (2 Pack)


  • Brand: COMMIXC
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: COMMIXC
  • Model: 0403-M2


  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOTOROLA/COBRA RADIOS - The 1-Pin walkie talkie earpiece compatible with motorola mh355r t200 t460 t605 t6550 t9500 acxt360 acxt545 cxr825 cxr925 cxt195 cxt312 cxt385 cxt565 cxt1045r cx116a cxr825(MOTOROLA MH MS MR TALKABOUT series/COBRA ACXT CXT CX CXR series).See Product Description Below to Know More Compatible Radios.
  • APPLICATION SCENARIOS - Commixc walkie talkie headset with Push-To-Talk (PTT) microphone is great for covert or stealth missions, allowing discreet operation of your Motorola Two-Way radios.
  • HIGH QUALITY GOOD SOUND - The Two-Way radios earphone delivers crisp, clear sound even in noisy places, showing a meticulous and high-quality sound experience. Professional electroplated metal pin, 1-pin standard diameter 2.5mm, uses electroplating anti-oxidation design, effective to improve the life of the headset, avoid the poor contact situation.
  • ERGONOMIC EARPLUG - The 2-way radio earpieces feature an ergonomic earplug that fits snugly in your ear canal, reduce the vacuum pressure generated by single headphones, and not easy to fall, wear a long time will not feel tired.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE - The cord length between microphone and earpiece provides flexibility for movement. The PTT microphone can easily attach to your clothing with an accompanying clip. No set up is needed, just plug into your two-way radios and enjoy.


Commixc Walkie talkie earpiece are suitable for use in the following situations: Police, subway station, shopping mall, paramilitary, security, private corporate security, private communications, surveillance, public service, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, paintball, warehouses and noisy environments carry on walkie talkie communication. Compatible with Motorola Talkabout Cobra 2.5mm 1-PIN Consumer Two-Way Radios:

- Cobra MT200, MT400, MT550, MT600, MT750, MT800, MT850, MT900, MT975
- Motorola Talkabout MHP61, MHP71, MHP81
- Motorola Talkabout EM1000, EM1000R, EM1020R, EM1010TPR
- Motorola Talkabout FV200, FV300, FV500, FV600, FV700, FV800
- Motorola Talkabout SX500, SX700, SX800, SX900
- Motorola Talkabout MB140R
- Motorola Talkabout MC220R, MC225R, MH230R
- Motorola Talkabout MD200R
- Motorola Talkabout MH230R, MH230TPR
- Motorola Talkabout MJ270R
- Motorola Talkabout MR350R, MR355R
- Motorola Talkabout MS350R, MS355R
- Motorola Talkabout MT350R, MT352TPR
- Motorola Talkabout MU350R
- Motorola Talkabout T200, T260, T265, T280
- Motorola Talkabout T400, T460, T465, T480
- Motorola Talkabout T600 H2O, T605 H2O
- Motorola Talkabout T4800, T4900, T5000, T5300, T5400, T5500, T5600, T5700, T5800, T5900, T6200, T6300, T6400, T6500, T7100, T7200, T7400, T8500, T8550, T9500, T9680RSAME

Please Note: If your walkie-talkie type is not in the list, please see Commixc other products or contact us to confirm the compatibility.