BasicTalk HT701 Home Phone Service, Includes 1 Free Month

BasicTalk HT701 Home Phone Service, Includes 1 Free Month


  • Brand: BasicTalk
  • Manufacturer: BasicTalk
  • Model: HT701


  • Amazingly simple device that gives you Unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S using your high speed internet.
  • Works with any touchtone phone; activate your device online, plug your phone into the Basic Talk Box and the Basic Talk Box into your internet router.
  • Buy the device here and get 1 month of service included. It's just $9.99 per month afterwards, plus applicable taxes and fees. Has no contract and no hidden fees.
  • Keep an existing phone number at no extra charge (where available), or get a new one in the area code of your choice.
  • Full set of features at no extra charge include: e911, Voicemail, Caller ID, and Call Waiting


Single FXS telephone port (supporting 5 REN) single 10/100M Ethernet port- LEDs for power, internet, LINK/ACT, and phone status- Strong security protection of voice/data privacy using TLS/ SRTP/ HTTPS, secure and automated provisioning using TR069 and H