Panasonic Black Handset for KX-T7000/T7100/T7200/T7300/T7400/T7600 - Model# PQJX2PM409Z

Panasonic Black Handset for KX-T7000/T7100/T7200/T7300/T7400/T7600 - Model# PQJX2PM409Z

Price: $8.10


  • Brand:
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic


  • Color: Black
  • Standard RJ9 Connection
  • Compatible with KX-T7000 Series Phones
  • Compatible with KX-TD Series Phones
  • Model # PQJX2PM409Z


Replacement Handset for Panasonic KX-T7000 Series Phones. Our handsets are tested to ensure that they consistently meet original Panasonic's Style specifications. The handsets have a noise reduction feature (noise reducing-not noise canceling), are hearing aid compatible and meet static voltage testing. The colors of our handsets are matched to Panasonic's most recent handset colors. These handsets are brand new (not refurbished), new guts, new everything. The handsets are designed to work on the systems listed, but they may function on other systems not listed. If you put it on other systems, use at your own risk. Compatiblity KX-T7000 Series Phones oKX-T7020, 7020, KX-TD7020, KXT7020, KX-T7030, 7030, KX-TD7030, KXT7030, KX-T7050, 7050, KX-TD7050, KXT7050 KX-T7100 Series Phones oKX-T7130, 7130, KX-TD7130, KXT7130, KX-T7135 KX-T7200 Series Phones oKX-T7220, 7220, KX-TD7220, KXT7220, KX-T7230, 7230, KX-TD7230, KXT7230, KX-T7235, 7235, KX-TD7235, KXT7235, KX-T7240, 7240, KX-TD7240, KXT7240, KX-T7250, 7250, KX-TD7250, KXT7250 KX-T7400 Series Phones oKX-T7420, 7420, KX-TD7420, KXT7420, KX-T7425, 7425, KX-TD7425, KXT7425, KX-T7431, 7431, KX-TD7431, KXT7431, KX-T7433, 7433, KX-TD7433, KXT7433, KX-T7436, 7436, KX-TD7436, KXT7436, KX-T7453, 7453, KX-TD7453, KXT7453, KX-T7456, 7456, KX-TD7456, KXT7456 KX-T7600 Series Phones oKX-T7625, KX-T7633 KX-TD, KX-TDA, KX-TD308, KX-TD816, KX-TD1232 Handset also fits: KXF Series Phones KXT Series Phones