Prepaid Phone Card International Calling Card $10

Prepaid Phone Card International Calling Card $10


  • Brand: Nalotel
  • Manufacturer: Nalotel


  • NALOTEL INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARD is designed for any life changing events such as: Students; Military; Missionary; Travel; Nanny-AuPair; Immigrant; Business.
  • CHEAPEST RATES FOR DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL CALLS - View our low rates by visiting or call 1888.349.7986.
  • PIN-LESS DIALING - Enter your PIN only on the first call, all future calls from the same numbers are pin-less. NEVER EXPIRES - Your balance will NEVER be depleted if you choose AutoTopUp for your next orders.
  • TRUE MINUTES - This calling card doesn't charge you connection or maintenance fees.
  • ASSURANCE - Order with confidence, backed by our 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.


This Calling Card is used to make domestic & international phone calls! If you have any questions or want to report an issue feel free to call our team at 1888 349 7986. ACCESSIBILITY: At your request, Auto-Recharge service can be activated as soon as your balance drops below the minimum amount you setup. SPEED DIAL-At your request speed dial can be setup, with this feature you can save frequently dialed numbers to speed-codes and they will automatically dialed for you. PIN LESS dialing - call easy if you register your phone number with us , also you will receive a personalized online account management. CHEAP CALLING RATES- we constantly analyze our calling rates tables so you will get the lowest price. PREMIUN CALL QUALITY- we always find the best phone lines to connect your calls. LOCAL ACCES PHONE NUMBER - is preferred when you are making international calls, in order have the cheapest calling experience. TOLL FREE NUMBER- this is a nationwide free of charge access phone number that you dial to start using a phone card. Can be used from any phone (a charge of 1.6 cents per minute will occur). RELIABILITY- our service is simple and reliable based on your calling behavior with no connection fee and no maintenance fee.