AIM Compatible Replacement for Kyocera Mita TYPE E1 Copier Staples (3/PK-5000 Staples) (36882040) - Generic

AIM Compatible Replacement for Kyocera Mita TYPE E1 Copier Staples (3/PK-5000 Staples) (36882040) - Generic

Price: $32.99


  • Brand: AIM
  • Manufacturer: AIM


  • AIM Compatible Replacement @ Kyocera Mita TYPE E1 Copier Staples (3/PK-5000 Staples) (36882040) - Generic
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Compatible Brand Staples (3/PK-5000 Staples) for Kyocera MIta KM-1530 / Kyocera MIta KM-7360 / Kyocera MIta AS-F6010 / Kyocera MIta DF-35 / Kyocera MIta DF-600 / Kyocera MIta DF-610 / Kyocera MIta DF-630 / Kyocera MIta DF-635 / Kyocera MIta DF-650 / Kyocera MIta DF-650B / Kyocera MIta DF-71 / Kyocera MIta F4130 / Kyocera MIta F4220 / Kyocera MIta F4330 / Kyocera MIta F4730 / Kyocera MIta F8220 / Kyocera MIta F8230 / Kyocera MIta F8330 / Kyocera MIta KM-2530 / Kyocera MIta KM-4530 / Kyocera MIta KM-6230 / Kyocera MIta DC-5090 / Kyocera MIta DC-6500 / Kyocera MIta KM-1530 / Kyocera MIta KM-4230 / Kyocera MIta KM-5230 / Kyocera MIta Pointsource AI-5555 / Kyocera MIta Pointsource Ai-3030 / Kyocera MIta Pointsource Ai-4040 / Kyocera MIta Pointsource Ai-5050 - (Many Machine Models can take more than one type of staple. Before ordering a staple Make sure it is compatible with your finisher.)