WizcomTech Quicktionary Premium Translating Scan Pen English-Chinese Simplified

WizcomTech Quicktionary Premium Translating Scan Pen English-Chinese Simplified

Price: $189.95


  • Brand: WizcomTech
  • Manufacturer: Wizcom Technologies Ltd
  • Model: Quicktionary TS Premium Chinese
  • Weight: 17


  • A portable, hand-held scanning translator that can scan a word or a full line of text and provide immediate word-by-word translation, including idioms and phrases.
  • Provides audio pronunciation of individual words or full lines of text in simplified Chinese which is installed on the pen.
  • The Pen has the ability to scan, store and transfer up to 20,000 lines of editable text. Text can be saved onto the Pen and transferred to your PC at a later stage, or can be scanned and transferred directly into most Windows-based applications.
  • Unique algorithm to divide Chinese Simplified strings into the corresponding word segments.
  • The Quicktionary┬« is fully customizable and additional content can be added by purchasing a Wizcard


Stay focused on your reading while the Quicktionary® helps you interpret your text quickly and easily. Save all the time you would have spent searching through a paper dictionary or typing into an electronic dictionary. Save the trouble and inconvenience of flatbed scanning or photocopying texts. Scan text directly into any Windows-based application. Expand your vocabulary using any one of the many supported dictionaries. Take the Quicktionary® anywhere you go. This small, portable, handheld device is designed to fit in your pocket.