Wizcom WRP2 ReadingPen 2 Reading Assistive Scanning Pen

Wizcom WRP2 ReadingPen 2 Reading Assistive Scanning Pen

Price: $199.99


  • Brand: Wizcom
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Wizcom
  • Model: WRP2
  • Weight: 30


  • Hear text read to you. Just scan a word or line of text, and the Reading Pen 2 reads it to you (earbuds included, for privacy).
  • Helps with reading fluency and comprehension. Currently used by many schools to help both dyslexic and non-dyslexic students and by some state agencies to help adults with reading disabilities.
  • Speaks (and shows) letter by letter spelling, synonyms, and definitions of scanned words or lines. Shows the syllabication onscreen. Also has one-touch translation to Spanish.
  • Provides definitions and other information from the American Heritage Children's Dictionary and Thesaurus, American Heritage College Dictionary, and Roget's II Thesaurus.
  • Easy to use. Recommended for adults and children age 10 and up. Mobile, completely self-contained, requires no computer. 2 AAA Batteries required (Best with Polaroid AAA Batteries)


The ReadingPen 2 is designed specifically to help readers improve their reading skills. This fully portable scanning device helps with reading fluency and comprehension by providing immediate definitions for scanned text. Scanned text and definitions can be read aloud, allowing readers to maintain their reading flow, even when encountering unfamiliar words.The ReadingPen 2 Portable Reading Tutor is the preferred assistive technology for learning English by educators and administrators in K-12 and college, English language learners, English as Second Language, students with Dyslexia and special education communities. According to Higgins and Raskind 2005, on average, children scored 7 points higher, more than a grade point higher, when using the pen. The ReadingPen2 scans and reads aloud lines of text, defines, and provides syllabication. It has an intuitive, friendly interface with both the Children’s Dictionary/Thesaurus and the College Dictionary/Thesaurus. Windows XP/Vista/7. About The Manufacturer: Wizcom Technologies Ltd. is a pioneer and world leader in personal, portable, Scanning Pens, Reading Pens and Scanning Dictionaries. Our InfoScanTM Pens are an effective productivity tool for business people, researchers and students, while our assistive ReadingPen products serve as a reading aid for students and individuals with reading difficulties. Our ReadingPen products can help individuals with learning difficulties to better understand text, enhance the learning process, improve overall reading skills, and boost self-confidence. The ReadingPen line is also proven to enhance the academic success of people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or aphasia. The National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) has recognized the ReadingPen as a technology-based approach that helps students with reading difficulties acquire better reading and comprehension skills. Just type WizcomTech into your browser for further information.