Language Translator Device, Smart Travel Electronic Pocket Wireless Portable Real-Time Instant Voice Translator Simultaneous Translation 72 Languages,Photo Translation

Language Translator Device, Smart Travel Electronic Pocket Wireless Portable Real-Time Instant Voice Translator Simultaneous Translation 72 Languages,Photo Translation


  • Brand: DOSMONO
  • Manufacturer: DOSMONO


  • The product can 2-Way Voice Simultaneous translation, product is easy to carry, easy for business travel and study, suitable for language translation and photo translation learning, tourism, shopping, travel enthusiasts, business people, students and overseas settlers, can be used for personal use or gifts. Product related video:
  • 72 of national languages: Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), English (US/Australia/Canada/UK/India/New Zealand), Arabic (Egyptian), Danish, German (German), Spanish (International/ Mexico), Finnish, French (Canada/France), Italian (Italian), Japanese, Korean, Dutch (Netherlands), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil/Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Indonesian, Czech (Czech Republic), Hungarian (Hungarian), Romanian (Romanian), Vietnamese (Vietnamese), Arabic (Saudi), Hindi, etc.
  • This machine is equipped with Android 6.0 system, built-in 2000mah rechargeable battery, support GPS and recording, front camera 500W, rear 800W, support network: mobile 4G, Unicom 4G and WIFI, equipped with 3.5-inch WQVGA display, audio output is 3.5 Mm headphone jack, body memory 4.31G. The machine has independent translation function, no need use a translation App.
  • Real-time remote intercom, translation, dialogue translation, graphic translation, photo translation, Attractions translation, real-time navigation and interpretation of world famous places, learning Chinese or other languages, is a good helper. Using the world's leading artificial intelligence voice technology, the translation recognition rate is as high as 97%
  • A fantastic voice memos,what you talked will be showed as text on display screen, and the same time to be recorded into built-in 8GB memory card(max.Support 32G card);you can copy to your computer by USB cable,never worry about anyting missing when preparing a meeting memos, very suiltable for business people , overseas business travel necessary practical tools. Support WIFI(only supports 2.4G WIFI router,do not support public WIFI) or 4G SIM card or WIFI Hotspotsļ¼Œsupport frequency band: FDD: B1


The product is Work with Microsoft with focused on travel and makes the language borderless!
Support real-time human translation.
Can be used as a stand-alone recorder with noise reduction technology.
Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery can work for 8 hours, standby time up to 3 days.
Use the Microsoft Azure Cloud Translation Service to ensure the best translation experience.
Support for playing translated text or sentences anytime, anywhere is a good language learning tool.
Join the same team to support cross-border, cross-language direct interoperability or global intercom.
When you arrive at an attraction, you can take a photo of the landmark of the attraction, it will tell you the relevant information, when you do not understand the local characteristics, enter the address, he will tell you the information you want.
Mini design, pocket-sized handheld translation device, very portable, can be put into pockets, wallets and more.
Machine memory 4.31G, configuration 3.5-inch WQVGA display, operating system: Android 6.0 system.
Display all translated text on the screen and record it in the built-in memory, which you can download to your computer.
Two-way conversation translation, button A for language A to B, button B for language B to A, supports 72 cross-language instant call translations.
Our devices must be connected to the internet and you can connect via wireless or mobile internet. Support wifi(Only 2.4GWiFi is supported. Does not support 5.0G WiFi) connection or mobile 4G, Unicom 4G, SIM card.
We are committed to a 60-day quality guarantee.

Package Included:
1 Pocket translation
1 USB cable
1 Cato needle
1 Chinese User Manual
1 Charger
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