Salange Iflytek Pocket Voice Electronic Language Translator 2.0 with Touch Screen Support 33 Language in Real Time & Picture Translating (Russia/English Offline), WiFi and SIM Connect,SOS Service

Salange Iflytek Pocket Voice Electronic Language Translator 2.0 with Touch Screen Support 33 Language in Real Time & Picture Translating (Russia/English Offline), WiFi and SIM Connect,SOS Service

Price: $427.99


  • Brand: IFLYTEK
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Iflytek
  • Weight: 26


  • ❤1.EASY PORTABLE with LONG WORKING TIME: The IFLYTEK multi language translator Easytrans2.0 just has 145*53*14 mm/ 5.71*2.09*0.55 inch body with 120g / 4.23 ounces, you can put it into our pocket / wallet / bag; at the same time, it built in 2180 mAh battery, which you can use it constantly up to 7 hours after fulling charging and standby time is up to 7 days
  • ❤2.SUPPORT Chinese to 33 KINDS VOICE & 11 KINDS PICTURE LANGUAGE TRANSLATE: The mini language translator support English, Japanese, Korea, France, Spanish, Germany, Russia ,Italy,Portugal,Czech, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic etc 33 languages; Further more, also support EN. JP. GE.KP.RU.IT. POR.TH.ES.FR.Arabic picture translate, that means you can take a picture of the things you want to translate, like menu, sign etc, and then it can auto recognize & translate it by online
  • ❤3.OFFLINE TRANSLATION & HISTORY TRANSLATE CHECK: the mini electronic translator also support Chinese - English, Russia, Janpese, Korea offline translating, even though there is no internet, you can also use it to translate; Also support online update, can let you enjoy the newest and best service of translating; What is more, it is the Boao Forum Designated Voice Instant Language Translator; You can also check the translating history
  • ❤4.EASY OPERATION with HUMANIZED DESIGN: The pocket has 2.4 inch IPS touch screen and 13.0MP camera, once you press the button and speak to it or take a picture, it will auto in real time translating, and also you can see the translate content of language and picture translating on the screen so that provide you more better translating service; At the same time, it also supports WiFi, NANO SIM card and e-SIM internet connecting
  • ❤5.DIALECT LANGUAGE and SOS SERVICE: The voice language translator also support Cantonese,Si Chuan, Dong Bei, Henan dialect and also Canada/England/Australia/India English accent; at the same time, there is an SOS Button in the back of the language translator, which is used for manual service that make a call or send the record voice & location of yours to the emergency contact person in case of lost during traveling


About Our Salange Service:
1.We usually send translator by express,3-10 days,thanks for your patience;
2. We provide our client 24 hours *7 days message reply;
3. 1 Year Product After-service, during the warranty, if you have any problem, we can give our client free repair and free ship.

The Multi-language Translator Parameters:
Screen Size: 2.4 inch IPS touch screen
Camera: 13MP FHD camera
Color: Black
Battery Volume: 2180 mAh
MIC: I2S Digital Mic
Power:DC 5V / 1.5A
Interface: Type-C
Language Support(Notice: ONLY SUPPORT Chinese to Others,and Others to Chinese,dont support like English to Korea etc translating) English,Japanese, Korea, France,Spanish, Germany, Russia,Indonesia,Italy,Portugal,Vietnam,Greece,Malaysia,Czech,Denmark,Norwegian,Dutch,
Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Ural, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Tamil, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Croatian etc.

Offline Translate: Chinese - English, Chinese-Russia,Chinese-Japanese, Chinese-Korea
Picture Translate Support: English, Japanese, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, Arabic, French, Spanish
Dialect Language Support:Cantonese,Si Chuan, Dong Bei, Henan.
Support English Accent:Canada/England/Australia/India English
Scene Recognition:Yes
Manual Translation:Support
English Learning:Support
Connecting Method:WiFi,SIM Card,Iflytek eSIM
SOS User Guide:When you are on the traveling, and your phone is not workable, you can press the "SOS" button for 3 seconds(The translator must be online),
and then it will trigger the emergency service, we will notice your emergency contact person who you have setted in the translator ( before you use it,
you need open the "SOS" service in "SOS Setting", like emergency contact person, country, phone number, and the user of translator ), it support 24 hours* 7days service.