Smart Voice Language Translator Device,Real-time Two-Way Foreign Speech/Text WiFi&4G 2.4 inch IPS Touch Screen for Learning Travel Business Shopping English Spanish German Chinese Etc(Black)

Smart Voice Language Translator Device,Real-time Two-Way Foreign Speech/Text WiFi&4G 2.4 inch IPS Touch Screen for Learning Travel Business Shopping English Spanish German Chinese Etc(Black)

List Price: $189.00

Price: $169.00


  • Brand: Da Xian
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: Da Xian
  • Weight: 27


  • ◆【2-way voice translator】 A language and B language both can change to another languages. Click the screen to choose the language pair. The operating language consistent with the A language.For example, you can choose English⇔Spanish, Korean⇔Japanese or Thai⇔Chinese. This makes the translator especially useful for people who do business with foreign customers in many parts of the world.
  • ◆【Supports 38 languages】Arabic,Catalan,Czech,Korean,German,Chinese-CN,Chinese-TW,Chinese-HK,Danish,Dutch,Greek,English-Australia,English-British,English-India,English,Finnish,Italian,Japanese,Hebrew,French-CA,French,Hindi,Hungarian,Indonesian, Norwegian,Polish,Romanian,Russian,Portuguese-BR,Portuguese,Slovak,Spain-SA,Spanish,Swedish,Thai,Malayu,Turkish,Vietnamese.
  • ◆【high-Speed translating accuracy】It is a 2-way translator with all 38 languages.It has ultra-high translating accuracy for complicated sentences. Large 2.4 inch color touchscreen provides easy readability for voice to text can click the screen to replay audio, Suitable face to face translation and call translation.Our translator is perfect for traveling, shopping, entertainment, communicating with friends, or making new ones while learning a foreign language!
  • ◆【Connect to WiFi or 4G internet】 Wherever you can access the internet by wifi or 4G, no need to connect through an APP on your mobile phone.This functionality means that once connected you can immediately begin real-time translation. Push the A button and hold it down until you finish talking. The device will recognize what you have said and will automatically translate your speech into B language. Press the B button to hear or read the translated response of the person you are talking with.
  • ◆【High recognition ability】 This translator device is highly sensitive and accurate in its recognition of any of its 38 included languages. In addition, the speaker voice is loud and clear,and the mic is able to recognize your voice in noisy environments, 1250mAh Battery with 3 days of standby and 8 hours of operation time. Compact and easily portable: keep on a lanyard for quick access or stow in your pocket. No damage to human factors, one year warranty, life-long maintenance.


Equipment parameter :

Touch screen:2.4inch IPS Capacitive touch screen

Battery capacity:1250MHA

Standby time:4days

Charging voltage:5V/1A

Support 38 countries languages :Arabic、Catalan、Chinese-CN、Chinese-TW、Chinese-HK、Czech、Danish、Dutch、English Australia、English British、English India、English、Finnish、French-CA、French、German、Greek、Hebrew、Hindi、Hungarian、Indonesian、Italian、Japanese、Korean、Norwegian、Polish、Portuguese BR、Portuguese、Romanian、Russian、Slovak、Spain-SA、Spanish、Swedish、Thai、Malayu、 Turkish、Vietnamese

Packaging Include:


1*English Manual(English, Chinese)

1*USB Cable

1* Protective Bag

1*Rechargeable Battery

◆Suppports 38 countries languages

◆Supports 4G/WIFI network connecting

◆Independently used,no need to install APP to your mobile

◆2-way Instant Translator

◆Achieves 99% accuracy

◆Ttouchscreen to shows voice to text and your translation text

◆Face to face translation

◆Call translation

International Communication

The world's most intelligent technology, real-time online translation in 35 languages. This intelligent translator solves cross-linguistic communication problems and is suitable for studying abroad, traveling, shopping, international communication.

Foreign language pronunciation and listening

You can use this translator to help children practice pronunciation and listening, master accurate foreign language pronunciation.

Accelerate your international business

A high degree of accuracy is needed used in multinational businesses, and conference calls with foreign customers to express accuracy information.