Franklin BES-1840 Speaking Spanish/English Dictionary

Franklin BES-1840 Speaking Spanish/English Dictionary


  • Brand: Franklin
  • Manufacturer: Franklin Electronics
  • Model: BES-1840


  • Translates and pronounces 250,000 English and Spanish words
  • Spelling correction and verification in English and Spanish
  • User word list for spelling review and vocabulary building
  • Slot for 1 Bookman book card
  • Webster Dictionary version


Over 2,000,000 Translations on an 8-line display with 100% more viewable text and Calrispeech pronunciations; expandable BOOKMAN, advanced verb conjugation, grammer guide, TOEFL, plus over 1,000 travelers' phrases. Franklin's BES-1840 Speaking Desktop Spanish Master with the Larousse dictionary is a portable electronic Spanish dictionary with an eight-line display. Its features include over 2.5 million translations, ClariSpeech, advanced verb conjugations, cultural notes, travelers' phrases, grammar guide, Test of English as a Foreign Language word list, and much more.

With this electronic dictionary you can translate words instantly and hear how they are pronounced or conjugate verbs at the touch of a button. You can use the grammar guide to learn parts of speech and verb tenses. You also have access to a variety of helpful travelers' phrases recorded in a human voice.

To expand your knowledge of Spanish culture, you can explore the built-in cultural notes. This unit allows you to create your own study list of words and instantly highlight a word and find its translation. Franklin's BES-1840 teaches a new Spanish word each time you turn the unit on. This dictionary is so powerful it can find words for you even when you've misspelled them.