WizCom Quicktionary TS- English-Chinese Simplified

WizCom Quicktionary TS- English-Chinese Simplified

Price: $189.95


  • Brand: Qizcom Quicktionary TS Simplified Chinese
  • Manufacturer: Wizcom Technologies
  • Model: QTS


  • Comprehensive translation that extends beyond the simple, most frequently used meaning of the word.
  • Direct look-up of idioms/phrases.
  • Identification of inflected words and the display of their corresponding entries.
  • Audio word pronunciation with text-to-speech (TTS) technology using built-in speaker or earphones.
  • Translate from Chinese simplified to English and from English to Chinese simplified two ways!


A portable, hand-held scanning translator that can scan a word or a full line of text and provide immediate word-by-word translation, including idioms and phrases. Also provides audio pronunciation of individual words or full lines of text in English/Chinese. The Quicktionary® is an ideal tool for anyone in need of multilingual support such as students, travelers, researchers and business people. The Quicktionary® is fully customizable and additional content can be added by purchasing a Wizcard. Stay focused on your reading while the Quicktionary® helps you interpret your text quickly and easily.