The All New All in One Atlas Talking English, Arabic Dictionary T411 and English Learning Tool...2012 (JUST ARRIVED)

The All New All in One Atlas Talking English, Arabic Dictionary T411 and English Learning Tool...2012 (JUST ARRIVED)

Price: $212.00


  • Manufacturer: First Trading Co.
  • Weight: 175


  • Atlas Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) (Unabridged Encyclopedic) 2011
  • Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic) 2011
  • The perfect "Collins Cobuild English Dictionaries"
  • "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary"
  • Colored LCD


Atlas Modern Dictionary (English-Arabic) (Unabridged Encyclopedic) 2011 with thousands of new words and useful lingual information such as: Examples, Derivatives, Synonyms, Antonyms, Etymology, Illustrated Images and many more. Atlas Modern Dictionary (Arabic-Arabic) 2011 with Arabic words and their meanings, in addition to the related information like Verb Conjugations, Singular and Plural Forms and others. The perfect "Collins Cobuild English Dictionaries". "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary" the world's best advanced dictionary aimed at non-native speakers for including English words, phrases, idioms, usages and precise meanings. Atlas English Qualification considered a useful source that helps in preparing and passing any big English test. It contains exercises to practice various language skills such as: Structure, Vocabulary, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Visual Comprehension, in addition to Atlas English Qualification Test that measures the main language skills. Global search is usually fixed on the device screen and searches for a desired word in all available dictionaries. English & Arabic Grammar help the user learn English and Arabic grammar separately to pass the most difficult qualification and admission language tests. Various subjects related to English language such as: Vocabulary, Visual Dialogue, Interactive English, Idioms and Many Others that make this device unique. Encyclopedia icon that contains Britannica Concise Encyclopedia Different kinds of calculators and other calculation applications A set of organizing applications. Multimedia applications help you run different multimedia files Pronounces in real human voice in both English & Arabic languages Width: 83.5mm Height: 118.3mm Depth: 20.7mm LCD: W320 X H240 dots LCD Color: 3.5" TFT Battery: Lithium Ion 3.7V/700mAh Adaptor: DC 5V - 700mA