Ectaco ES-850 Ectaco Partner English-Spanish Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook

Ectaco ES-850 Ectaco Partner English-Spanish Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio Phrasebook

Price: $239.99


  • Brand: Ectaco
  • Manufacturer: Ectaco
  • Model: ES850
  • Weight: 200


  • Advanced speech recognition. Unique native-speaker voice narration in the PhraseBook and state-of-the-art TTS (text-to-speech) voice synthesis in the Dictionary. Fully expandable vocabulary pre-loaded with over 1,010,000 words
  • Audio PhraseBook with real human voice output in both languages. Color display with adjustable customizable elements, color-coded parts of speech. Full English and Spanish text translation.
  • Sophisticated Machine Translation system with unlimited pronunciation. Advanced MorphofinderTM word recognition and Vector Ultima spell-checker. Custom "Add new word" functionality for personalized vocabulary databases.
  • Slang lock: function allowing you to eliminate slang from your dictionaries. Interchangeable MMC/SD cards allow you to add new linguistic content. Bilingual interface and Voice recorder.
  • Media Player with MP3 support pre-loaded with Rick Steve's Audio Tours. Metric conversions and size equivalents. Calendar and Tasks, World Time and Daily Alarm.


The ES850 provides instant access to an extensive dictionary filled with over 1,010,000 words plus a section of over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases spoken in fluent English and Spanish. The resources also include English idioms and irregular verbs, a 70,000 entry English-English dictionary with explanations, and full phonetic transcription for those learning to speak and write English correctly. Language Learning The built-in Language Teacher teaches uses real native-speaker voice narration to deliver step-by-step instructions, quizzes, and pronunciation help. Statistics let you chart your progress and keep track of how well you're doing. Pre-loaded FlashCards, Pockets, Spell It, and Translation Test games help you to learn at your own pace, expand your vocabulary and improve spelling while having fun. Text Translation Fast translations are now only a second away. Simply type the word you need and press the translate button. English to Spanish or Spanish to English translations are delivered immediately and can be pronounced by the translator. Speech Recognition 14,000 pre-loaded phrases let you communicate instantly in almost any situation. Advanced speech recognition let's the translator understand what you say and deliver an instant translation which can be spoken aloud. Just select a category, press the 'Say' button and start communicating.