EX-word XD-Y20000 Casio Electric English-Japanese Dictionary with English Quick Guide

EX-word XD-Y20000 Casio Electric English-Japanese Dictionary with English Quick Guide


  • Brand: EX-word
  • Manufacturer: CASIO
  • Model: XD-Y20000
  • Weight: 58


  • 2 color liquid crystal screens.
  • 200 contents(2000 Japanese Literature, 1000 world literature,Natural science, medicine, economics, literature, history, etc., large to collect the knowledge of Japan from every field of Japan encyclopedia
  • It is further examined the language in the commentary screen
  • Examined the correct pronunciation in voice
  • Accessories: 1 stylus, dedicated headphone (φ3.5mm plug), USB cable, two AA alkaline batteries (trial batteries included, best with Polaroid AA batteries)


Versatile search function Data Plus 6 unique. At the same time quickly search from a plurality of contents in a single input, such as examining the Chinese characters can not be read in the handwriting input, equipped with a function of enhancement firmly respond to the feelings you want to know. Even without knowing the such as the name, you can reach the knowledge to find the part of the information in the clue. You can see the explanation of the purpose to continue to touch the image. You can examine the country and the mountains of the name and features by going to touch the map. Including Chinese characters, you can search Hiragana, a variety of characters, such as the alphabet by hand. Write while also seen Chinese characters do not know of how to read. Complex Chinese characters in one large mass screen, you can still comfortably input. Up to 20 million words corresponding to the English word native pronunciation of ※. You can see the correct pronunciation from the ear. In addition, English sentences and skit, archaic, classical Chinese, deepens more understanding in a variety of native pronunciation recording such as Japanese of about 70,000 words. ※ depends on the model. Words you want to check in the commentary screen also came out is examined smoothly. Examine the one after the other new words, it is possible to further expand the knowledge.