Besta CD575S English-Chinese Sentence Dictionary

Besta CD575S English-Chinese Sentence Dictionary


  • Brand: Besta CD575S
  • Color: white
  • Manufacturer: Aventec Besta
  • Model: CD575S
  • Weight: 44


  • Word, Phrase, Sample sentence, Multi-language dialogue, Full sentence bi-directional translation.
  • Smart Pinyin, HanYu Pinyin, Pinyin of Phrase, ChnHandwriting, Radical of Strokes, Total Strokes, Association function.
  • Built-in <3-Language Sentences>
  • Live Voice Real Human Pronunciation
  • 18 Multi-Language Conversation


With approximately 300,000 searchable words, 43,000 sample sentences. Use upgraded Live Voice with real human voice pronunciation. Include word form, spelling, roots, meaning, variation, synonym & antonym and related words. Explain key points with innovative real human teaching to help learning. Provide sample sentences, grammar, explanation, word components, phrases and multimedia data for reference. Users can cross search in Oxford dictionary. Explanations in English-English/ English-Chinese, provide both English and American pronunciations, spelling and usage guidelines. The latest 7th edition includes 180,000 words, phrases and definitions, 85,000 sample sentences. Contains Britannica Concise Encyclopedia and Cambridge Encyclopedia and a lot more...