iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder for iPhone X 8/8s 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s 6 SE Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus S8 Edge S7 S6 Note 8 5

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder for iPhone X 8/8s 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s 6 SE Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus S8 Edge S7 S6 Note 8 5
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  • Sales Rank: #79 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: iOttie
  • Model: HLCRIO121AM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 2.70" h x 5.50" w x 4.30" l, .46 pounds


  • Easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger
  • Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces, yet is still easily removable (please note, most likely will not work on leather/ vinyl dashboards)
  • New telescopic arm adds 2 inches to allow for closer device viewing
  • Now includes the new iOttie Sticky Gel Dashboard Pad which allows more flexibility as well as a smooth surface on textured and curved surfaces. Please note: This product opens to 3.2 inches in width, which makes it compatible with the iPhone 6 Plus which is 3.09 inches in width.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 2 provides a safe, versatile and highly functional smartphone mounting solution. Like its predecessors, the One Touch Universal & the One Touch XL, our new One Touch 2 is packed with standard features like the iOttie patented one touch locking feature as well as the iOttie super sticky gel pad. The iOttie One Touch 2 also includes new features as well. It includes a new two-step locking lever which ensures your mount can be used on different surfaces. The first locking position can be used for flat, smooth surfaces, while the second locking position can be used on curvy textured surfaces that may require more grip. The One Touch 2 also offers a telescopic arm which extends up to 2 additional inches to provide you with even more viewing options when using your mount. The One Touch 2 also provides a new sliding bottom foot. Our redesigned bottom foot ensures that there is no interference with your devices bottom ports. The stickiness of the suction cup is infinite, just rinse with warm water and let air dry, restoring the gel pad to like new condition. No matter if your phone is protected by a skin or a case, the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount grips securely onto your device so you can drive with confidence. Mount Smart. Drive Smarter!

Please Note:  iOttie is not responsible for any potential damage to textured dashboards that may be caused by our products.

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1Will damage dashboard if removed (even after 10 mins)
By Justin Jones
BE CAREFUL! Bought this and regrettably stuck it on the dash of my brand new car (the day after I bought it!). Immediately I felt it looked too bulky and wanted to mount my phone a little less "in your face". The oily residue from the sticky attachment left a very visible circle on the dash. I've tried a few products to remove it and nothing works. So now more than a month later I see it every day and am reminded of the mistake I made. Should have gone with the windshield glass instead.

UPDATE: One year later and the mark left from only having this on for 10 mins is still there. I look at that spot every day and regret buying this product.

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5Although I've been a steady Amazon shopper for the last ...
By Amazon Customer
Although I've been a steady Amazon shopper for the last couple years, this is the first review I've wrote. The reason I'm writing this review is this car mount holders ability to stay in the exact same mounted spot and hold my phone during a rollover accident I was just in earlier this week. I rolled my truck 1 1/4 times going around 60 mph into a ditch. I was not injured, just shaken up and sore. After I unbuckled myself and turned the engine off I looked for my phone and no joke, it was exactly where is was before the roll...right there in the mount holder on the dash. I even have/had it mounted backwards so the arm can extend farther. Plus, my phone is a Note 5 which aren't small by any means. With it being extended out as far as it was and with the weight of my Note 5, I'm impressed to say the least that it didn't break from the whiplash of the impact or fail to hold my phone through it all. I attached a picture so you can see where it is mounted on my dash and that it's still there. I know it's not a very clear picture but the only one I have of the front while still in the ditch.

*I should note that my eyes were on the road when I lost control. It was a icy morning and I caught a patch of ice while accelerating which initially caused me to spin out. I don't want anyone to think it was caused by me looking at my phone.

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1Pictures worth a lot of money!
By Big D

Don't let iOttie fool you here with their latest comment. There was never any mention of this on their product listing, or instructions when I purchased this. I printed up the product description page here on Amazon, and have the instruction and info that came with this.The fact of the matter was that this has happened to 2 different makes of vehicles that I own and have the pictures to prove it. When I was going round about with them for this incident after they told me that they were not going to do anything about it, I told them in turn that I was going to make sure people will hear about it, and that I was going to be doing what I can to make sure that others hopefully not make the same mistake and have to deal with this debacle. My 2002 Tahoe has the ring, and the Lexus I had bought was looked at for a "recall" for the dash, and was determined that it was fine with no issues, prior to the purchase of the car, which I also have the paperwork for that from the dealer that it was purchased from.

All they had to do was mention these vehicles in their product description that they know that this item will damage, and save a lot of people from the same problems myself and many others that have suffered. Notice in my post on 3-21-16 that I mentioned that it was listed to be safe on ALL surfaces, but a year later, and they have note way at the bottom, that it "may" cause damage to some vehicles, and they are not liable. Be aware of what is going on here, they are hiding info from you, just so you buy their product.

Thank you all for the helpful comments. Please feel free to keep them coming!

2-6-16 (Original Post)

I think the pictures say enough. I contacted iOttie right away for repairing the dash on the car that my wife JUST GOT for Christmas! An absolute major f up on their end. I just can't believe this!

Came out of the grocery store, and the mount was totally off the dash laying on the floor. Never tried to take the mounting disc off or move it, just came right off.

Update 3/21/16

I have contacted iOttie many times, and they are not going to cover it! Their description says clearly that it is safe for ALL surfaces. They have no disclaimer or mention of anything about that this could happen to certain vehicles.

iOttie needs to look at the fact that they have some type of gel that eats away certain material, and at least mention in it their description! Every time I get in my new car, I see the yellow dot right in the middle of the dash, and just start fuming. iOttie maybe in for a little bit of a fight from this person.

Update 1-22-17

Here are the latest pictures of the other vehicle I have that this piece of junk has ruined, and before you think what idiot would buy this same product after what happened to them, is that I bought them both at the same time, it's just that I was using the worse of the two to get my point across. People are quick to blame it on Toyota using cheap stuff, well the other "ring of fire" is from my 2002 Chevy Tahoe! I only had this junk on the same amount of time as the other one. I took it off immediately after it happened to are other car. The pictures don't lie, it will happen to any surface. Before you start to say that I should have put it on my windshield, is because in our state, it is illegal to have any kind of obstruction on it.

Update 1/5/17

Thank you all for the suggestions and comments. I now see that iOttie has put a disclaimer at the bottom of the description saying that they will not be responsible for any damages that could occur from this junk. Now stop and think about that for a second. If a company like that puts a disclaimer on their product page, then it's not a matter of if it could happen, it's more like it WILL happen on some certain vehicles. I am glad that I printed up their page when I bought this, so that I have proof that they did not have that disclaimer on the page at all. Even the box and instructions didn't say that this WILL cause damage to certain material.

Just out of curiosity, how can people vote that a review is not helpful if you have the pictures and all the facts laid out in front of them? This is a rhetorical question of course, but just find it odd.

Please people, for goodness sakes, do not use this brand and suffer the same damages on your vehicle. And, no, I can't put it on my windshield, because it is illegal in my state. It doesn't matter what vehicle you have, do not buy!

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