Technics RS-TR373 Dual Cassette Deck (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics RS-TR373 Dual Cassette Deck (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


  • Brand: Technics
  • Manufacturer: Technics
  • Model: RS-TR373


  • 2-motor full-logic control, powered eject system
  • Dolby B, C, and HX-Pro noise reduction
  • Synchro-start recording and high-speed dubbing
  • Fluorescent display with electronic counter for both decks
  • Measures 17 x 5.4 x 11 inches (W x H x D)


Dual auto reverse cassette deck, 24 hr series playback, advanced tape mechanism w/2motor full logic control. Power eject system, Dolby B/C noise reduction systems, Dolby HX-PRO headroom extension. Auto RECORD level control, FL display w/Electronic counter for both decks. High speed editing w/synchro start/stop. Wireless remote sensor Get the most out of your audiocassette collection with the Technics RS-TR373, a tried-and-true dual cassette deck with top features. The advanced, full-logic tape transport employs two motors for maximum accuracy and reliability. A power eject system offers one-touch insertion and ejecting of tapes. An advanced tape transport increases rewind speeds, but automatically slows down before it reaches the delicate tape ends. Noise reduction is handled by Dolby B and Dolby C, and the deck also features the most advanced cassette sonic expansion system, Dolby HX-Pro. An electronic counter is provided for both decks via a fluorescent display, and double-speed editing is a snap with the RS-TR373's synchro-start and stop functions. Although record levels can be set manually, the unit boasts intelligent automatic record leveling so you can simply press record and walk away. If you need continuous sound, the unit can be set to play both decks in a loop for up to 24 hours. An infrared sensor is provided for use with a universal remote control (not included). The rear panel features RCA record inputs, as well as an RCA output for connection to your home audio system. An included AC power plug-in on the rear panel makes it easier to plug-in your other components.

What's in the Box
RS-TR373 dual cassette deck, user's manual.