Pioneer CT-W205R Dual-Well Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck (Dolby B/C) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Pioneer CT-W205R Dual-Well Auto-Reverse Cassette Deck (Dolby B/C) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

List Price: $99.99


  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer
  • Model: CT-W205R
  • Weight: 825


  • Dual-well cassette deck with full-logic controls, relay play, and high-speed dubbing
  • Auto-reverse in both decks, including auto-reverse recording in deck II and rewind auto play in deck I
  • Dolby B and C noise reduction, auto tape-type selection
  • 6-segment LED level meter with peak-hold function helps you optimize recording levels simply and reliably
  • 15-track music search lets you hear specific cuts with minimal search effort


The CT-W205R offers everything you need in a 21st-century cassette deck: convenience, quality, and affordability. Convenience, because many cars have tape decks and most of us still have boatloads of perfectly good tapes lying around the house. Quality, because cassettes can sound good, and CDs have heightened our sonic expectations. And affordability, because, after all, we're talking about cassettes here, and who wants to throw a lot of money in that direction?

In this dual-well deck, one transport records and plays, while the other just plays--but both offer full autoreverse, even while recording. And with relay play (deck I to deck II), you'll get more than three hours of music by using two 100-minute tapes. A special rewind autoplay feature for deck I commences playback from the moment a cassette finishes rewinding, freeing you from monitoring the deck while the winding is in progress.

For noise reduction, the CT-W205R is outfitted with Dolby B and C (Dolby B reduces noise by about 10 dB, while Dolby C knocks it down 20 dB), and it will play (but not record) tapes encoded with S-type noise reduction. A built-in MPX filter blocks the 19 kHz stereo-broadcast multiplex tone when you're recording off the air. This gives you more accurate Dolby noise-reduction tracking and clean recordings from FM radio.

Full-logic controls offer electronic, rather than mechanical, control of the deck's transport system, giving you more reliability, smoother operation, and quicker one-touch controls. Other features include auto tape selector (normal/CrO2/metal), high-speed dubbing, auto space record mute, 15-track music search, six-LED level meters (with peak hold for setting optimal recording levels), and a .25-inch stereo headphone jack for private listening.

What's in the Box
Cassette deck, user's manual, and pair of stereo analog (left/right) RCA interconnects (one each for playback and record).