ONKYO TARW244 Double Cassette Deck

ONKYO TARW244 Double Cassette Deck


  • Brand: Onkyo
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: ONKYO
  • Model: tarw244


  • Use this double auto-reverse cassette deck to do some high-speed dubbing
  • CD synchro recording
  • Dolby B,C noise reduction and Dolby HxPro headroom expansion
  • Record level control
  • Auto-space and Rec mute


The Onkyo TA-RW244 features Dual autoreverse lets you copy both sides of a tape with the press of a button, or relay-play both sides of two tapes without interruption. The deck also includes Dolby B and C noise reduction to effectively eliminate tape hiss, auto-spacing to insert blank spaces between songs, high-speed dubbing, rec-level control, CD synchro recording, 8-segment peak level meters, an auto tape-bias selector, a 4-digit electronic tape counter, and a brushed aluminum front panel.