DENON DRW840 Stereo Double Cassette Deck

DENON DRW840 Stereo Double Cassette Deck


  • Brand: Denon


Originally released in the mid-'90s, Denon's dual-well DRW-840 is nevertheless revered among audiophiles and cassette aficionados for its great sound quality. It's also a full-featured dubbing deck offering not merely relay play (deck A to deck B) but relay recording, as well, giving you more than 3 hours of nearly uninterrupted recording time using two C-100 tapes. A choice of dubbing speeds lets you copy tapes quickly (2x normal speed) or with optimal fidelity (normal speed).

Dolby B and Dolby C noise reduction minimize tape hiss (great for classical recordings), and you may also opt not to use either (as for music of limited dynamic range and when you want as flat a frequency response as possible). Dolby HX Pro headroom extension further minimizes tape noise while eliminating high-frequency distortion during both recording and playback.

Manual bias fine tuning helps you make sure each tape, regardless of tape type, performs optimally during recording and that each tape--especially those recorded in other decks--sounds its best on playback. For recording, the DRW-840's CD synchro record function initiates recording at the moment your CD starts, simplifying mixed-tape creation or disc copies for the car.

Other features included auto tape selector, music search, memory stop (which lets you program an automatically stop point), dual power supplies, auto record mute, and detailed peak-level meters. The front panel is equipped with an infrared (IR) remote sensor for use with an optional programmable remote control.