AiM Sportline SOLO2 GPS Backlit LED Lap Timer (X47 Series)

AiM Sportline SOLO2 GPS Backlit LED Lap Timer (X47 Series)

Price: $399.00


  • Brand: AiM Sportline
  • Manufacturer: AiM Sportline


  • All new GPS & Glonass receiver provides much more accurate measurements compared to GPS-only versions
  • A huge integrated tracks database with automatic race track/location detection
  • Multiple types of race configurations: speed versus performance
  • Bright LED-backlit display that clearly indicate changes/improvements to past results
  • 4GB internal storage capable of recording virtually unlimited number of tests plus a powerful built-in Wi-Fi connection


The most precise and easy way to get lap times to measure your performance at the track.

The all new SOLO 2 is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS and Glonass technology. This represents a huge improvement in accuracy since it is much faster and more responsive than the previous version. The power ON requires only a few seconds and the lap times are calculated with a max 2/100 sec of tolerance.

Find your track easily and quickly

SOLO 2 can rely on a database of more than 2,000 tracks all over the world! From the moment it turns on, SOLO 2 identifies its position, recognizes the starting line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times.

Flexibile and customizable

SOLO 2 can manage two types of races: Speed races in a closed circuit and performance tests. In each of these configurations, SOLO 2 gives the proper information during the test and powerful data to review immediately after each session.