Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker - Black

Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker - Black
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Product Details

  • Size: Regular
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01955-36
  • Dimensions: .80" h x .50" w x 2.50" l, .10 pounds


  • GPS INTEGRATION - Acquire satellites quickly to more accurately track where you jog or walk - even under Tree cover
  • RUNNING METRICS - This easy-to-use smart band tracks distance, pace, personal records, and includes features like walk/run mode and virtual pacer
  • MOVE IQ - Automatically track your walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training throughout the day without needing to start a timed activity
  • 24/7 HEART RATE MONITORING - With Elevate wrist heart rate technology, you can track your heart rate all day and night - Activity Tracking Accuracy (go to
  • PURPOSE BUILT - Designed for the active lifestyle in mind, a rugged, durable construction with 5 ATM water rating lets you do all the things you want. Wrist circumference: 5.4" to 7.6" (136.0 to 192.0 mm), regular; 7.1" to 8.8" (180.0 to 224.0 mm), x-large. Kindly refer the User Manual before use.

Turn your steps into strides with vívosmart HR+, the GPS activity tracker with Elevate wrist heart rate technology. Not only does it count steps, calories, floors climbed and intensity minutes, it also uses GPS satellites to track where you jog or walk, how far and how fast. Its always-on sunlight readable touchscreen display allows you to view your stats and swipe and tap to see more. Pair it with your smartphone to control music, and stay connected with smart notifications that include email, text, social media alerts and more. It automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect mobile app, where you can receive meaningful digital insights such as daily motivation and healthy tips when paired with a compatible smartphone (go to

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5Awesome tracker for smaller wrists!
By hello_world
For months I had been researching activity trackers that were also fairly decent in tracking heart rate and sleep, and could fit my small (5.5") wrist. (I say "fairly decent" here because it's important to keep in mind that this is a wrist-based piece of technology - it's not a moving treadmill with wires and electrodes and a team of scientists measuring every muscle twitch.) I've had the HR+ for almost two weeks now, and I love this thing! A lot of the features are already described in the specs and in other reviews, so I'll just add some things that stood out to me.

Awesome features:
1) The device and the Garmin Connect iPhone app are intuitive to use (not dumbed down), and both are customizable. Tapping the app screen leads to even more information, and I'm still finding out more everyday! I sync it twice a day - once in the morning to check my sleep (deep sleep, light sleep, and awake states, which are based on movement), and once right before bed to see how much I've accomplished throughout the day. A single charge has lasted me 6-7 days.

2) The HR+ really motivates! After 1 hour of inactivity, it buzzes and the MOVE! bar appears on the time screen. Every 15 minutes after that, it adds a minibar (up to 4) so you know when you've been sitting still for 2 hours. It takes about 200 steps (or 100 jumping jacks or 5 flights of stairs...) to clear the bar when it is maxed out, but fewer steps the sooner you clear it. There are also fireworks on the screen and a triple buzz when a fitness goal (e.g., steps per day, floors climbed, etc) is achieved. You even get virtual trophies :) I took it backpacking last weekend and it was awesome feeling the buzz and seeing the screen show "3x GOAL" with fireworks.

Some aspects that are slightly less desirable, but still acceptable:
1) The size is not too overwhelming, but the device definitely is a bit large for smaller wrists (see pics). Although I have the band on almost the tightest setting, I can still stick my thumb through. This isn't as drastic as it seems, though, because the extra space gets distributed between both sides of my wrist. Due to this wiggle room, the heart rate tracking sometimes gets wacky and spikes when doing anything that involves a lot of wrist-twisting (e.g., putting away dishes). But, this is the best fitting HR tracker for smaller wrists that I've tried including the Jawbone UP3 and Fitbit Charge HR.

2) The sleep stages are automatically calculated based on movement, and I've found that when I sync the device in the morning, they are pretty on-point. However, sometimes during my nightly sync, the calculations re-adjust and say I've slept for longer. This is an easy fix as the sleep and awake times can be edited, but this has happened quite a few times (though not enough to be that annoying).

3) The number of floors climbed is still a bit of a mystery. Sometimes it tracks it perfectly, other times it misses a couple of floors. This isn't horrible, though, because it just makes me move more to make up for those untracked stairs.

Overall, the HR+ isn't perfect, but it does its job pretty well!

Update 6/17/16:
I still love this thing! Here are a few new things I've learned about the device:
1) I've now gone 8 days on a single charge (without taxing the device w/ GPS or continuous HR during a workout). The empty battery icon appears for approximately 15 hours on the time screen (see pic) before it says "Battery Low" (see pic). Steps/HR/etc are still being tracked, but "Battery Low" remains on the screen so you can't see the time. Note: the MOVE! bar in the pic shows that I've been idle for 1.5 hours (1 hour for the big bar, and two 15 minute minibars).

2) The vibration alarm can be snoozed for 10 minutes.

3) For those who have been having issues with syncing, I plugged my HR+ into my laptop to fully charge it as soon as I received it, and then logged into Garmin Connect (online) before pairing it with my iPhone (5s). The website is a bit clunky, but I've rarely used it, and I've had no issues with syncing. In terms of syncing with the iPhone app, bluetooth on both the device and the phone must be turned on, and there must be some sort of internet connection - it does not sync with bluetooth alone, since Garmin Connect is a web-based app (very little data is actually stored on the phone). The device automatically syncs when the app is open, or it can manually be synced via the device button (sync icon) or through the app (More>Garmin Devices>Sync icon).

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5Pro's & Con's
By Geoff Dotson
Since almost everyone who reads this may be considering this over the Charge 2, I'll give you a good summary.


1. Waterproof up to 50 meters so you an wear in the shower, pool and beach. Charge 2 cannot, so yes if you are comfortable taking it off every day or multiple times, as well as, unconcerned about a spill ruining your watch, the charge 2 is still okay.

2. The software is literally just as good as fit bits, my dad has one. Most critics say fit bit software has a slight edge, I don't see where that is exactly.

3. Features charge 2 doesn't have: music control, weather, notifications (custom), which I thought could be a con, but you can actually customize what you see on the UI in the app.This way you can pick and choose which features are right for you. I was concerned about notifications, but you can actually edit what those are as well.

4. Find your phone is actually very useful and has come in handy, You have to be in bluetooth range for it to work. If you try it out of range and are looking, it will connect when you do come in range, and notify you. So, just find it again and it will work. I was 20-30 feet without a wall and it worked, which is best bt range I have ever seen.


1. The screen, I hear, is fragile and scratches. I didn't bother taking the risk and get a screen protector. I got a screen protector with the device, IQ shield, and it works great.

2. The brightness and contrast is nowhere near that of the Charge 2 quality. So if you have significant trouble reading without classes, this may not be for you.

3. Bands are not changeable, unlike the charge 2.

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4Best choice fitness tracker with GPS imho.
By nooky
This item was ordered for my wife. She has used a Fitbit One for years. It was not very good at handling moisture, and had been replaced several times. Fitbit was great about the warranty btw. After the One finally died and was out of warranty, she tried the Fitbit Alta for a week, but she did not like the way the band closure worked. I found early reviews of this Garmin device, and bought it for her as it seems to meet all of her requirements including things the Alta was lacking.

She likes to run at lunch, and the GPS sealed the deal. The GPS seems to work just like any other Garmin device we have, we were concerned being it is in such a small watch there would be some compromise. The device is more or less waterproof, it can be left on while showering or swimming, a huge plus.

I also had an original Vivosmart that had died on me. When she had her HR+ a few days and I had a chance to look at it and see how it worked I went out and bought myself one from Target (sorry Amazon I did not want to wait). We have both had the watches for a couple of weeks, so I can only post my early impressions.

-Built-in GPS.
-Smallest/lightest GPS device that I'm aware of
-Does most fitness functions we want including heart rate
-Always on time display
-Battery life is good, and it charges quickly
-The Connect app lets you customize all the notifications etc. and syncs well with my LG G4 and her Droid Turbo 2

-Display harder to read in the dark than in the daytime, even with back lighting (white back light might help in the future?)
-Stairs climbed seem inaccurate, it misses a lot of the stairs we climb. It claims to have a barometric altimeter, but in Garmin Connect it turns elevation corrections on by default which according to that site means it is not using a barometric altimeter. Possibly this is an early software glitch?
-The display face seems fragile, I have not scratched mine, but I'm being very careful until our screen protectors arrive

Bottom line: a great device for those seeking a fitness device that you can also use for your runs or activities on a casual basis. We both have Fenix watches for long runs and ultras, however this watch has basically replaced my Forerunner 220 for the majority of my runs and my Vivosmart both. We like it!

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