SquareTrade 4-Year Appliance Protection Plan ($0-$50)

SquareTrade 4-Year Appliance Protection Plan ($0-$50)
From SquareTrade

Price: $3.91

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Product Details

  • Brand: SquareTrade


  • Coverage for product breakdowns and malfunctions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free shipping on all repairs with no deductibles or hidden fees
  • Fully transferable with gifts. Cancel anytime, full refund in the first 30 days
  • SquareTrade Protection Plans are only valid for new products purchased at Amazon within the last 30 days

Upon purchase, you will get an email confirmation from SquareTrade. You will not be mailed a paper contract. If you have questions, please call: 1.877.WARRANTY.

From the Manufacturer


Let's face it—warranties have gotten a bad name. But SquareTrade is changing that. With low prices, award-winning customer service, and thousands of 5-star reviews, SquareTrade delights Amazon customers time after time.

The Most Reviewed Protection Plan on Amazon

SquareTrade customers love sharing stories about how we've saved their day—and they've made us the most reviewed protection plan on Amazon.

5-Star Reviews on Amazon. 4.68 average rating.

What does a SquareTrade plan cover?

Get Help Anytime, 24/7
No matter when you need it, fast and friendly help is always just a click or call away.

Protection from Common Malfunctions
Repairing your average mechanical or electrical failure can cost as much as buying a new device. SquareTrade covers you beyond the manufacturer's warranty, including parts and labor.

SquareTrade Protection Plan

What else does a SquareTrade plan include?

100 percent parts and labor
100% Parts & Labor, No Deductible
We've got you covered. You pay nothing.
Free express shipping
Free Shipping
We give you a prepaid shipping label to send your item to us. After we fix it, we send it back to you, FREE.

Cancel or Transfer Anytime
Cancel or Transfer Anytime
Customers receive a full refund if they cancel in the first 30 days. Refunds are prorated after that. Transferring your protection plan is free and can be done online or over the phone.

Electronic Delivery
Electronic Delivery
We'll email your protection plan to you within two hours of purchase. (Remember to check your SPAM filter if you don't receive it.)

How does a SquareTrade plan work?

How SquareTrade plans work

File a claim online 24/7 at squaretrade.com/claims.

We'll cover shipping to and from our repair center.

If we can't repair your item, we'll provide you a replacement with the same or better features.

Things to know:

  • SquareTrade Protection Plans are only valid for new products purchased at Amazon within the last 30 days.
  • Upon purchase, you will receive an email. This is your official confirmation of purchase.
  • Your plan begins on the date you purchased your item and is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty period. If you have an issue and are covered by the manufacturer during that time, you'll be directed to the manufacturer first.
  • If you sell or gift your device, you can transfer your warranty at no cost.
  • You may cancel your plan anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund (refunds prorated after that).
  • If your item arrives late, call SquareTrade and your plan can be extended to the shipping date.
  • If you are eligible for and purchase this service plan, you acknowledge that Amazon may send the service plan seller relevant product and price information for the purpose of administering the plan.
  • Your protection plan is only valid for one underlying product.

Still have questions?

Just visit squaretrade.com or call 1-877-WARRANTY.


Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

179 of 181 people found the following review helpful.
1Stay away from this protection plan.
By Brad Ellis
Worthless system. Part broke for unknown reason on Keurig. Was not mishandled, was not dropped. Simple breakage due to wear and tear. Attempted to file claim, said it was NOT an accident, automated claim system said accidents are not covered and denied. Worst $8 spent. Will not purchase again for other appliances.

204 of 210 people found the following review helpful.
1not a true extended warranty; they put up barriers to paying for claims
By Terry R. Nye
Do not purchase an "extended warranty" from Square Trade. They are a total rip-off. They used to be a true extended warranty with coverage beginning after the manufacturer warranty expired. But somewhere along the line they have changed. They now begin their "extended" warranty from the purchase date, which is not an extended warranty at all. I purchased one of their extended warranties for a Breville toaster oven that cost $249 new. The warranty at that time advertised that they would send a box and shipping label to have it shipped free to them for repair if needed or refund if it could not be repaired. As it turned out, I needed to use that extended warranty coverage, but when I tried to invoke it I got nothing but run arounds and excuses. It ultimately took 6 (yes, six) phone calls to their customer service, and ultimately to one of their supervisors, to get them to fulfill their warranty. A common excuse for failure to send a box or shipping label was a "glitch" in their system. They then tried to get me to take it to a local service center (which doesn't exist) to have it repaired and they would reimburse me. Finally, I got them to agree to refund my purchase price in accordance with the warranty agreement after they decided it wasn't worth the cost to ship my toaster oven to them. In fairness, they did eventually pay up and refund my $249, but it took 6 phone calls and several emails to get them to do what they promise to do with no hassles. I might also point out that when I purchased their "extended" warranty for a new, replacement toaster oven they began the coverage from the purchase date. Their "extended" warranty would have expired a year before the manufacturer warranty would expire. I got my money back. These people are nothing more than a rip-off. Avoid them at all cost. I would give them zero stars if I could.

183 of 188 people found the following review helpful.
1May or may not work - if you can ever get registered
I made the mistake of buying the protection plan, seemed like a good idea until I tried to register my product. I keep getting reply emails saying"Unfortunately, we were unable to process the receipt you recently submitted" . After the fourth try (following all directions), I decided to register on their site, that ended with a we are sorry but the registration could not be completed error. I have wasted over 90 minutes with this very poor company.

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