Assurant 2-Year Portable Protection Plan ($0-$49.99)

Assurant 2-Year Portable Protection Plan ($0-$49.99)
From Assurant

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  • Brand: Assurant
  • Model: 17000022


  • Delivered by e-mail; register and file claims online or by phone
  • We will fix the item, replace or pay up to the original purchase cost of the item. Zero deductible
  • Fully transferable if you give as a gift
  • Cancel anytime
  • By purchasing this eligible product and service plan on Amazon, you acknowledge that Amazon may send the Servicer product and price information to administer the plan

2 YR Portable Protection Plan ($0-$49) 2 year Date of Purchase service plan. Coverage for mechanical and electrical failures are covered after the manufacture's warranty expires; Free 2-way shipping for repairs; Fully transferable; cancel anytime, full refund in the first 30 days; No deductibles

Customer Reviews

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1Not worth the money.
By Herb.
I wrote a review of this product which apparently not acceptable by Amazon's standards so I will try again. First off I stated that I could not offer a review of something that had to be used before you could say it was good or bad. I did a little research on the extended warranty by those who have had that experience. I discovered that the extended warranty starts from date of purchase. If the item you purchased has a Manufacturer's warranty of 1 yr. then the extended warranty only covers1 more year after the manufacturer's warranty expires. If you have a problem with the item in the first year you have to contact the company that made the product. That being said I can see that paying for a 2 yr. warranty only gets you 1 yr. extra coverage. I can't speak for anyone but myself but my opinion is that it is not worth the money.

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3Without reading up on it like I should I purchased this plan along with a ...
By TurdFurgy
Without reading up on it like I should I purchased this plan along with a pair of Jarv Joggerz PRO BlueTooth headphones that I purchased off Amazon on May 18, 2017. The headphones started to wig out on me(October 2017) so I looked into this plan I bought. It was there I realized how sketchy the whole thing is. Amazon gives it your info when you buy it so when you go to the website you're already halfway registered. You have to then give them the info on your product and file a claim. this whole process took about 5 minutes. As soon as I submitted the claim I recieved an email with an Amazon giftcard for $25.99. There were no questions asked. The whole process was automated and felt WAY TOO EASY AND CONVENIENT. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like they must be doing something "uncool" with my info.

At the end of the day I bought a $4 protection plan for $30 headphones that broke and got a $30 giftcard.

I'd give it 5 stars if it just didn't feel so sketchy.

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5Great Plan to cover Device Failures
By J. Jackson
I was offered to buy this coverage when I bought an essential oils humidifier. It was only about $3.00 to purchase the plan so I bought it. Within 90 days my humidifier's buttons fell in to my unit. I called Assurant and filed a claim. Although I should have had to go to the manufacturer for the exchange Assurant gave me an Amazon gift card for my purchase amount due to the fact that the company from which I purchased the unit was located in China and I had no response from them. One thing that made my online registration and claims process difficult with Assurant was the fact that they use drop down menus for the type of product you have and the brand of product. A humidifier is not one of the options. That is the reason I had to actually call them on the phone. However, both times I called the customer service rep was easy to understand, courteous, and efficient. I would certainly buy this one again.

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