God Unlimited

God Unlimited


  • Manufacturer: Zerubbabel Press


In God Unlimited Norman Grubb delves into ultimate reality--"the extreme, the absolute, the revelation...that there is only One Person in the universe, and that is God Himself." From this startling conclusion Norman proceeds to the true nature of man and his sole function, God's two-fold redemption to rescue and restore His fallen creation, spontaneous living in the fourth dimension, and the privilege of membership in priesthood of the redeemed, through whom God continues His intercessory work on behalf of His creation.

Mr. Grubb's desire was that this book "would appeal to persons of all walks of life, to the lowest and then to the most intellectual, to the Biblical scholar and also to the scientist, simple and yet to the depths of the Spirit." He builds God Unlimited on the sure foundation of "not God first but God only."