Behind the Housing Crash: Confessions from an Insider

Behind the Housing Crash: Confessions from an Insider


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“Behind the Housing Crash – Confessions from an Insider” is the authoritative book on the housing crisis. It is an expose written by Aaron Clarey, a credit analyst who worked at various banks in the Twin Cities and saw first hand the unethical, if not, illegal dealings that led up to the housing bubble and subsequent crash. Stories of commission-addicted bankers, bribed appraisers, FBI investigations, IRS raids, offshore bank accounts and more regale the reader with a blood-boiling story of corruption, incompetence and limitless greed. However, the book goes beyond exposing those responsible for the housing crash, and does an exemplary job of explaining, in clear and simple language, the economics behind the housing crisis and the consequences for us all. If you are looking for an excellent expose on the banking industry, an explanation why your house is worth $100,000 less than it was before, or are just curious as to what happened, look no further. This is the book to read.