Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper

Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper
From Sony

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1409 in Consumer Electronics
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: DPT-RP1/B
  • Released on: 2017-06-20
  • Number of items: 8
  • Dimensions: .23" h x 11.90" w x 8.82" l, .77 pounds
  • Battery type: NiMh
  • Display size: 13.3


  • World's thinnest, lightest letter-size tablet device: as thin as 30 sheets of paper.
  • Projected capacitive touchscreen allows for "pencil or pen style" writing and erasing with provided stylus.
  • High contrast and no glare, so text can be read clearly even in bright sunlight.
  • Easy drag & drop transfer of documents via USB or wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) with Digital Paper app installed on your PC or Mac.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to three weeks use on a single charge. 16GB internal memory provides storage for approximately 10,000 PDF files.

Sony’s digital paper for industries that generate large quantities of documents during routine operations. Professors, researchers in higher education prefer its large screen size which accommodates 8.5” by 11” documents for reading and handwriting. Provided stylus is just like ink or pencil on paper. Read and annotate documents, then share wirelessly via Bluetooth, wifi, or through the provided USB cable.

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3Great device, but BUYER BEWARE the EULA
I am a PhD student with a planned academic career in health care research. I purchased this product to reduce eye strain related to reading ~1,000 PDFs per year, mostly on electronic screens. My rating for this product is based on three components:
1) The EULA - Sony very much oversteps with the EULA, disallowing opt out for data collection and providing themselves with permission to collect data not just from the Digital Paper itself but also from any device connected to the Digital Paper. The Digital Paper requires connection to a PC to operate (only way to load documents into the DP), meaning that Sony has effectively given itself permission to mine unspecified data from my PC and use it without any real restrictions, including expressly permitting themselves to share my data with unspecified third parties.

2) The battery life - Sony advertises "up to 3 weeks" of battery on a single charge, for a device specifically marketed toward professionals in industries where document viewing is typically heavy, yet their conditions for battery testing to make that claim were 60 minutes of viewing for up to 30 pages of text and 1 minute of stylus use per day with the wifi and bluetooth features turned off. In actuality, a battery charge lasts about 2 days with reasonably heavy use of both the screen and the stylus for marking up documents and taking notes with wifi connected to allow transfer of documents.

3) The device itself - the only reason this device has gotten better than a 1 star from me is that the device itself is pretty awesome. It definitely reduces eye strain. It's weighs less than a legal pad and is about the same size (slightly wider). The stylus is very responsive, making the device useful for hand-written annotations and note taking. I've been much more productive since purchasing this device and really think there is a market for such machines, though it is a bit pricey for the limited functionality. If it weren't for the misleading battery life statement and the serious overreach of the EULA, I'd give this device 5 stars.

I can adjust my work patterns to make sure the device is charged daily, and with a virtual machine running the software, it is possible to limit Sony's data grab, but seriously, Sony, bad show. This device feels like something a team of engineers poured their best efforts into only to have the legal team cut them off at the knees and marketing promise more than the device could deliver.

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Just got mine today. I had been waiting for this new revision of sony digital paper since its announcement. I have used the Generation 1 (DPT-S1) for nearly two years and now looking forward to using the DTP-RP1 (generation 2). This is a great tool for academics who primarily read and annotate papers and publications. Also, Since last two years all I need to carry is this instead of 10's of paper sheers in my backpack and 100's of them on my desk. This completely, transparently and elegantly replaces all the mess on my desk into an organized digital system. The stylus is really no different than a pen (or pencil).

I absolutely love this product! A must buy for anyone who work with papers or books!

(I will update my review after using the new DPT-RP1 for next few weeks. )

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5Love the device. Reduce eye strain.
By Hudson Camera
Love it. I have not read a single page of book for 5 years. With this device I start reading PDF book again. I love the function that print webpage into the device to read with minimal eye strain.

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