NuPro Fire Screen Protector Kit (2-Pack) (5th Generation - 2015 release), Clear

NuPro Fire Screen Protector Kit (2-Pack) (5th Generation - 2015 release), Clear
From Nupro

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Product Details

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Nupro
  • Model: 06T00001-CLR
  • Released on: 2015-09-30
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .1" h x 4.33" w x 7.28" l, .2 pounds


  • Designed to protect and perfectly fit your Fire tablet (only compatible with 2015 release, 5th Generation)
  • Provides protection from scratches, smudges and dirt
  • Easy bubble-resistant installation
  • Includes two screen protectors, cleaning cloth, and applicator card

Manufacturer: Nupro USA. Manufacturer Part Number: B013EYDCCQ. Brand Name: Nupro. Product Name: Screen Protector. Packaged Quantity: 2. Product Type: Screen Protector. [Technical Information] Display Type Supported: LCD. Display Size Supported: 7". Device Supported: Tablet. Features: Bubble-free. Scratch Protection. Smudge Resistant. Dirt Resistant. [Physical Characteristics] Color: Clear. [Miscellaneous] Compatibility: Amazon Fire Tablet 7" Tablet, 5th Generation.

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5Tips for a bubble-free installation, I personally recommend the CLEAR over the Anti-Glare
By FreeSpirit
This screen protector is a perfect fit for the 5th generation Kindle. It doesn't fall short on any of the corners and there is no overhang either. The key is to get it to go on without any bubbles. It's a good thing that these screen protectors come in a pack of 2, because it is easy to mess up the first attempt. Hope you will find the following steps helpful to get a perfect install:

- It is ideal to install this screen protector when your device is brand new out of the box so you don't have to worry about wiping down the screen. However, if your device already has fingerprints or smudges on it, you can simply spray a glass-cleaning liquid (like Windex) on a paper towel, and use that to wipe down the screen first.

- The actual screen protector is sandwiched between two outer screens/films. Each of these films has a sticker on it - Tab 1 and Tab 2.

- Remove the first outer film using the sticker marked Tab 1. Remember not to tear off just the sticker itself - removing only the sticker will leave a adhesive residue. The sticker is simply a tool to help you peel off the entire first layer that is attached to the screen protector. Lift the sticker partially at first and see that it is lifting up the first outer layer with it.

- Once the first outer layer is removed, align the screen protector on the device (with Tab 2 on top towards you). Before resting down the film, hold it slightly above the screen and see that all four corners are aligned properly. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, rest the film down on the screen and press down firmly. You might see bubbles at this point, but not to worry.

- It is best to squeeze out any bubbles at this point. I used just my fingers and was able to push all the bubbles out. If that doesn't work, you can use a thick paper card or even a credit card (don't worry, you won't scratch the screen protector since it still has the top protective layer on it at this time).

- You can now use the Tab 2 sticker to peel off the entire outer layer. Hopefully you won't see any bubbles at this time and you're all set with the installation. However, if you do see some bubbles on the side, you can again push them out with your fingers - do not use a credit card at this time because you could scratch the screen protector.

That's it - you should be all set with a bubble-free installation. If you still see bubbles, here are a few tips that could be helpful:

1. Scotch tape trick - if, after installing the film, you see tiny specks of dust that are causing bubbles on the sides, keep a piece of scotch tape handy. Now gently lift the edge where you see the speck, lift it just enough so that you have access to the speck. Now take the piece of tape and very gently touch it to the film from underneath. This causes the speck of dust to stick to the tape. Remove the tape, and press the film down firmly. Your bubble should now have disappeared. Note that this generally only works if the bubbles is closer to the edges. If it is towards the middle, it might not work because the film will get a crease if it is lifted too much.

2. Shower trick - if you are having trouble with dust specks during installation, install the screen protector in your bathroom after leaving the shower running with hot water for a few minutes. This soaks up a lot of the dust, allowing you to get a smooth application. I have tried this method several times, and it has always worked beautifully.

This screen protector is available in Clear and Anti-Glare versions. I personally recommend the Clear version. It keeps the screen looking in its original form, like it has nothing on it. Glare is not really a factor on the Fire screen, you can simply adjust the screen brightness depending on what light conditions you're in. The Anti-Glare film is grainy, and it severely impacts the look of the screen - it doesn't stay as sharp and crystal clear as it should be.

I did a fair amount of research on how to install screen protectors correctly, and I hope this reviews saves you the time of having to do your own research and get a bubble-free and frustration-free installation.

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1Save your money
By Spyderman
After installing this, the first thought coming to your mind will most likely be"How do I get this #%@!& off my kindle?" My installation resulted in more bubbles than the Lawrence Welk bubble machine. Impossible to get them out. But then, how smart was I, spending $13 to protect the screen of a device that only cost $50 to begin with?

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1the kindles were properly prepped and these were applied like all the other screen protectors I have put on ...
By Joseph J. Roby
couldn't get them on without bubbles and one came off the next day ... the kindles were properly prepped and these were applied like all the other screen protectors I have put on in the past...

I ended up buying some glass screen protectors that went on perfect and had no issues and obviously a better choice than these plastic ones... see my other reviews for the glass ones that hold up great and stay on without a problem.

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