CINEMOOD Portable Cinema Projector. Now Includes Disney Family Favorites – Plus Streams Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video too!

CINEMOOD Portable Cinema Projector. Now Includes Disney Family Favorites – Plus Streams Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video too!

Price: $399.99


  • Brand: CINEMOOD
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: CINEMOOD
  • Model: CNMD0016
  • Weight: 50


  • CREATE YOUR OWN MOVIE THEATER, WHEREVER YOU GO! The 3" portable, Smart Projector is kid-friendly, with easy directional button controls. It projects images over 12-feet, from HD 1080p resolution. No connection to computer or wall outlet is needed.
  • WATCH 120+ HOURS OF PRELOADED DISNEY AND OTHER KIDS' ENTERTAINMENT. Choose from a huge CINEMOOD digital library that includes 40 Disney e-books and 25+ videos. Also, enjoy 75+ episodes of fun cartoons, plus lots more endearing e-books, popular lullabies, and even hand shadow puppets. No fees, anytime access.
  • STREAM YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS. ¬†Access and stream Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and YouTube Kids directly from the CINEMOOD menu screen.
  • VIEW NETFLIX CONTENT, FAMILY VIDEOS OR SLIDESHOWS OFFLINE. ¬†Download Netflix content directly onto CINEMOOD, or upload your family videos, slideshows, and photos.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILY NIGHTS, SLEEPOVERS, CAR OR AIRPLANE TRAVEL, CAMPING AND BACKYARD GET-TOGETHERS. NOTE: Please go through the manual for troubleshooting steps / instructions that is included in the package or contact our Support Team


This CINEMOOD standalone mini cinema projector is perfect for road trips, bedtime stories, children's shows, movie nights, and everything in between. It is able to project 1080 HD, and creates a projection image up to 150 inches (more than 10 feet!). With strong lighting, it is great for both indoors and outdoors, so you can use it in your tent on your next camping expedition, or on the side of the house after a family cookout. Unlike other, bulkier pico projectors, this portable projector is light and portable. It weighs in at half a pound, making it convenient and handleable by kids, which is a plus because it is exceedingly child friendly. With simple to use buttons, and durable packaging, your kids will be chomping at the bit to play with this projector. As parents, you'll happily oblige as it comes with over 100 hours of pre-curated digital books, cartoons, music, shadow puppets, educational videos, lullabies, and even bedtime stories. This includes a wide variety of selections by Disney, the standard family favorite. In addition to all the preloaded content, it is also a Wifi enabled device, which means it can quickly and easily stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and anything else you can mirror off of an Android or Apple portable device. The 2.5W speaker makes for enjoyable listening, and the noiseless, fanless cooling system means you won't be drowning out the happy laughter and chatter of the community the CINEMOOD brings together. The CINEMOOD portable cinema is a must have for any cinephile, or family looking for some portable entertainment. It is lightweight, durable, and infinitely fun, all at a wildly affordable price. Automatic keystone correction technology creates a vivid picture, that will be sure to bring the family together for simple nights of fun that create memories for a lifetime.