iBIZ Folding Travel Cradle fits Palm m100 / m105

iBIZ Folding Travel Cradle fits Palm m100 / m105


  • Brand: IBIZ Technology Corp
  • Manufacturer: IBIZ Technology Corp


  • Lightweight - only 4 ounces
  • Folds for Travel. HotSync button & Stylus holder
  • Cradle compatible with Palm m100 and Palm m105
  • Adjustable from 45 to 60 degrees
  • RS-232 serial port connector, Wire lenght: 120cm/44inches


The iBIZ Folding Travel Cradle is great for people who are bringing a laptop and their Palm m100 or m105 along with them on a business trip. With it, you can HotSync just like normal. The cradle folds into a small package about 3" x 3" x .5". You can open it to various angles from 45 to 60 degrees. It includes a HotSync button and a small hole to hold your stylus. The Folding Cradle weighs only 4 ounces. Actually, most of the weight comes from the standard serial plug that has a lot of metal in it and the cable that is almost four feet long. The actual cradle is lightweight plastic and weighs very little. It uses a standard RS-232 serial port connector. If you have only a USB or ADB port on your laptop, you'll need an adapter to use it.