GateKeeper Halberd BLE Authentication Token, 5 - Pack

GateKeeper Halberd BLE Authentication Token, 5 - Pack

Price: $212.49


  • Brand: GateKeeper
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Untethered Labs, Inc.
  • Model: GateKeeper 2.0
  • Weight: 4


  • GateKeeper automatically manages your computer access through a BLE proximity authentication token.
  • Gatekeeper monitors your proximity and automatically locks your computer each time you leave.
  • Choose between Automatic or Touch-to-login for quick access when returning to your computer.
  • Upgrade your computer and network security with a PIN + Halberd for secure login.
  • Simple design for easy setup on Windows and to ensure your information is aways protected 24/7.


Do you operate a business which uses sensitive information, requiring strict access and control? Rather than manually locking and entering passwords, would you like an ultra-convenient, innovative solution to protect your company's assets? If so, our GateKeeper Halberd is a perfect choice! Designed with high-performance, Bluetooth 4.0 technology, our GateKeeper Halberd is ideal for securing your computer from unauthorized access each time you leave your desk. Our GateKeeper software seamlessly senses each time you leave your terminal and automatically locks and unlocks as you return, eliminating the tedious password management for convenient, reliable wireless security! Compatible with virtually all USB enabled computers, our GateKeeper solution consists of a simple USB adapter and GateKeeper key fob, and can be used to monitor and control employee access, together with optional two-factor authentication with PIN + Halberd for added security! Package includes 1 GateKeeper Halberd key, 1 GateKeeper USB receiver, and 1 CR 2450 battery (estimated battery 5 - 6 months). Compatible with Windows 7 and up.