Dynex DX-UBDB9 USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable - Serial adapter - USB - RS-232

Dynex DX-UBDB9 USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable - Serial adapter - USB - RS-232
From Dynex

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #83923 in Office Product
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Dynex
  • Model: RS-232
  • Dimensions: .30 pounds


  • * Connects a device with a RS-232 (DB9) serial port to a USB hub or USB-equipped computer

This adapter cable is designed for easy plug-and-play connection of a device with a serial port to a device with a USB port.

Customer Reviews

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4Buyer beware -- Likely a fake PL2303 chip. YMMV
By squirrelchew
Let me be up front and say that fake PL2303 chips usually work just fine for basic applications, such as configuring a Cisco router. I bought this for use with a Hydra Nemesis ECU, which is a bit more sensitive than a Cisco terminal.

My Lenovo T420 and T410 work with the Nemesis software without a problem on Windows 7.

My Lenovo X201t does NOT work on Windows 7 -- it will connect, but disconnect within 30 seconds. This is likely due to bit inversion or baud rate changes, which is typical of fake PL2303 chips. Oddly, it works fine in CentOS running XP in a virtual machine. I'm writing that off as superior drivers in Linux over Windows (this time..).

I believe the adapter I received (the one pictured, NOT the one with the noise reduction brick inline) is using an older or counterfeit PL2303 chip. I cannot identify which revision it actually is, and the official Prolific drivers do NOT work for me. The much older drivers provided by Dynex do work most of the time, however. There are discussions online about how the newer PL drivers specifically detect and do not work with counterfeit chips.

I will be purchasing a Plugable Technologies PL2303 converter this weekend. I would recommend doing the same if you don't already have a functional USB->Serial converter.

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5It DOES work on Mac
By Travis
I saw a review that said that this does not work with Mac as advertised, but it does. I bought this for use with my Macbook Air primarily to use to for console connections on network devices. My Mac did not recognize the device until I installed the PL2303 driver. This can be found on the driver disc that comes with the product. But since I don't have a CD drive in my Macbook Air, I downloaded the driver from here: [...]. The PL2303 driver is also needed for use on Linux, but most popular Linux distributions already have it installed.

I previously owned the USB-to-Serial adapter depicted in the picture above, and recently misplaced it. So I bought this product (DX-UBDB9) at a Best Buy. It is the same part number as the one mentioned on this page, but it was not the one in the picture above. I'm not sure if Dynex updated the product and kept the same part number or what. However, mine is Tan, not Grey. And my only trivial complaint is that the one I purchased has some kind of a transformer midway through the cable, where the one in the picture on this page didn't have one and was, therefore, slightly less bulky.

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2Not the product shown!
By SuddenLife
Not the product shown in the picture. Didn't even work for what I needed it for, and now I'm left with a paperweight.

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