SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Pencil Holder back cover for iPad Pro 9.7-inch (compatible with Smart Keyboard, Smart Cover and Apple Pencil) (Translucent Black)

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy Pencil Holder back cover for iPad Pro 9.7-inch (compatible with Smart Keyboard, Smart Cover and Apple Pencil) (Translucent Black)
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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #46719 in Office Product
  • Color: Translucent Black
  • Brand: SwitchEasy


  • Patent pending Apple Pencil holder
  • Sketch board mode
  • Compatible with Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover
  • Textured finishing for great grip
  • Exchangeable faceplate for flat CoverBuddy

CoverBuddy includes a patent pending interchangeable "Magic" Apple Pencil Holder which is characterized by a minimalistic design which reflects the simple aesthetics of the iPad Pro. The length of the holder is carefully measured to protect an Apple Pencil from the cap to tip. The pencil can slide either way into the holder where it remains securely in place. To release the pencil, one simply pushes the pencil through the middle opening of the holder and gently slides it to the left or right.

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5Awesome case, holds Apple Pencil securely
By Tim
Bought this case so that I could carry the Apple Pencil safely and securely. Having looked through other brands and been unsatisfied with their so-called "slim" cases, I was delighted to find this one that can hold the Apple Pencil. Other reviews here suggest that the Apple Pencil might slip out of this case, so I bought this with some anticipation. I am happy to report that the Apple Pencil fits in nice and tight - will NOT fall out (unless you shake it like a maraca, but then you probably shouldn't be holding an iPad Pro!).

- The Apple smart cover keyboard can be attached.
- The Pencil holder actually helps to grip the thin iPad Pro. If anyone has ever used a camera grip before, it reminds me of that.
- Made of plastic so adds very little weight to the overall iPad.
- Securely holds the Apple Pencil without risk of falling out. There's an opening in the middle of the holder for you to slide out the pencil when you need to take it out.
- The case is thick enough to protect the protruding back camera as shown in my side shot. When placed on table, the camera will not touch the surface.
- The Apple Pencil holder can be removed and replaced with a cover that slots in its place to convert it into a standard flat case. See my forth photo showing the removable pencil holder and slip cover. This is absolutely ingenious solution for the rare occasions when the iPad needs to be laid flat.
- The plastic is rigid and will definitely help to protect the iPad, although the case itself will probably crack when dropped due to its rigidity (as opposed to a silicon case). Having said that, if I had to choose between a silicon case and a plastic case, I prefer the plastic because silicon is a huge dust magnet.
- The case has a matte texture with very slight grain. It's really nice and helps to hold the iPad without slipping.
- The pencil holder can give you a bit of tilt when you're using the iPad.

- The replacement slip cover (which replaces the pencil holder and turns the case into a standard flat case) is a bit fiddly to insert and remove. I don't see myself swapping the pencil holder for the slip cover too often though, so it's not a big deal for me.

This is an excellent case with a very unique feature. No other case manufacturer has such a well-built way of carrying the Apple Pencil. If you use the Pencil as often as I do, then definitely get this.

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2Hairline cracks began to appear at the corner points where I assume the internal stresses on the plastic are greatest. The plast
By B. Caraway
After using this product for just over a year, I'm reporting back that it hasn't really held up to relatively light use. The corners of my CoverBuddy have chipped and cracked over time. I believe that these have not been caused by actual impact but due to the stresses placed on the plastic cover when the iPad is installed. The CoverBuddy is designed to snap-on to the back of your iPad and its elasticity is what holds it in place. Hairline cracks began to appear at the corner points where I assume the internal stresses on the plastic are greatest. The plastic began to show initial fatigue when I first saw these cracks several months ago. These became larger cracks and have now resulted in actual chips of the plastic falling away.

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3Creative solution to hold your pencil
By jgord
As with any product, some good and bad things, but offers a unique way to store your pencil safely.

Pros: seems smartly designed for some specific use cases. The main reason I got it is to hold my Apple Pencil, which it does very well, and seems very secure. It also makes it very nice to hold when reading with the extra grip choice by the pencil bump. It provides a nice slant when it lays down on a flat surface. With the Smart Keyboard folded back, angled to rest on the pencil bump, it props the ipad up in a nice angle while keeping the keyboard out of the way.

Cons: If you want to lay it flat to use your ipad in portrait-mode rather than landscape, I'm afraid this creates an inconvenience by keeping it angled for landscape, and trust me that you don't want to bother removing/readding it all the time. If you want to fold the Smart Keyboard all the way back around to keep it attached but out of the way, the pencil bump just gets in the way, creating both an annoying wobble and a pivot point upon which you might bend the keyboard. Lastly, the pictures seem to indicate that it's supposed to come with a plastic cover for if you want to remove the pencil holder - mine didn't, which speaks a bit to the quality control process.

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