Mimio 1774343 Teach Stylus Tip for MimioTeach

Mimio 1774343 Teach Stylus Tip for MimioTeach

List Price: $15.00


  • Brand: Mimio
  • Manufacturer: Mimio
  • Model: 1774343
  • Weight: 20


  • Turn any ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard
  • Encourage participation at the whiteboard
  • Search the Mimio Gallery for ready-to-use lesson content
  • Enliven lessons with audio, video and flash files
  • Record video lessons to reuse whenever you want


The MimioTeach interactive system transforms any dry erase board into a fully interactive whiteboard. The patented infrared and ultrasound sensor technology fits neatly into a small, unobtrusive bar that attaches easily to a board. Combine it with a projector and computer, and it becomes a fully interactive system. Lightweight yet durable, the MimioTeach system is easy to handle and transport.