JUN-Q Soft Silicone iPad Air Case for Kids, Shockproof Back Cover with Kickstand 3 Handles for iPad 5 iPad Air 1, Yellow

JUN-Q Soft Silicone iPad Air Case for Kids, Shockproof Back Cover with Kickstand 3 Handles for iPad 5 iPad Air 1, Yellow
From JUN-Q

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Product Details

  • Size: iPad air
  • Color: 001-Yellow
  • Brand: JUN-Q
  • Model: HF-P8-1
  • Dimensions: .70" h x 5.65" w x 11.00" l, .70 pounds


  • COMPATIBLE: This soft ipad case is specially for ipad Air(ipad 5/ipad air 1)
  • KIDS FRIENDLY MATERIAL: This soft ipad air case is made of food-grade silicone, 100% kids friendly material.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: The unique steering wheel case designed for you kid's ipad air with 3 handles. Your kid could bring this ipad 5 carrying case easily at home or outside.
  • Outstanding Protection: The durable silicone shockproof case can protect your iPad from breaking. Precise cutouts make you can full access to all buttons and block the entry of dust.
  • Stand Surpporting: The droop proof case with kickstand ,which makes the case freestanding and could provide you a convenient viewing angle.

Certificates:ISO9001, SGS, RoHS
1. Material:Soft silicone
2. Weight:406g
4. Three handles design:easy for you to carry on.
5.Stand Functions:Back Stand to offer a comfortable viewing angle.
6. Full access to all buttons and ports without removing case.
JUN-Q is US brand producing a full line of accessories for all products, Samsung phones and tablets. We are dedicated to creating products that provide our Amazon customers satisfaction beyond expectations. Whatever profession, passion, or interests they pursue: Our customers deserve the best quality "carrying solution" that provides maximum protection.

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4Best designed iPad Air "kids case" there is IMO! Perfect for our autistic 4 year old
By Kate Mahoney
UPDATE 4/10/17 - After writing this review the manufacturer contacted me to let me know that they DO indeed make a version of this case fort he iPad Air 2 and sent me a link. It's strange because my exhaustive search did NOT reveal it! I have since purchased that one and it fits perfectly! Also, a few things to add about this case. Count on the little piece of silicone at the bottom of the kickstand coming off. Ours was gone within a couple weeks. Also, within 4 months, my son had completely broken off the kick stand which is what prompted the purchase of a new one. In spite of that, I feel like this case is still the best out there for kids!

Original review
Since our son turned 2 and since he was diagnosed with autism, we've always had an iPad just for him kept in a study "kids case" with a glass screen protector. We learned the hard way that sharing our iPad with him wasn't going to work. He's now nearly 5 and is still non-verbal so the iPad is both an entertainment device and also a means to help him communicate with us, so it's really important in our house. Recently the old used iPad 3 we bought him died so I bought him a refurbished iPad Air. At least that's what I thought I was getting, but it turns out they sent us an iPad Air 2 by mistake but told us we could keep it (hurrah!).

My reason for telling you all this is I ordered this case thinking I was getting an iPad Air and didn't realize until it arrived that it was an iPad Air 2. While this case is specifically designed only to fit the iPad Air, I decided to keep it for the 2 even though some of the buttons don't line up perfectly. I will explain why, first in terms of what the exact physical differences are between the iPad Air and the iPad Air 2:

- iPad Air 2 has a single row speaker grill instead of two rows, but they are positioned pretty much exactly the same, so for this case, that isn't an issue at all.
- iPad Air 2 has the microphones positioned differently. The first is right by the camera lens instead of in the center on the back at the top the way the iPad Air does. The second microphone on the iPad Air 2 is positioned just above the volume rocker while on the iPad Air, the second microphone is on the very top of the device in the center. In terms of this case, the first microphone is accommodated in the camera hole just fine. The second microphone is covered up by this case, but for us that is not really a problem as our son doesn't really use the camera or recording functions. It just means that there are two very small unnecessary cutouts in the top center of this case which also isn't a problem.
- iPad Air 2 no longer has a mute switch while the iPad Air does. This elimination of the mute switch also changes the position of the volume rocker. The buttons themselves are basically the same size and shape but they are about 3/4 of an inch higher up on the device than the iPad Air. In terms of this case, this is probably the biggest "fit" issue. With the case on, the volume up button is completely exposed and easy to push, while the volume down button is completely covered by the volume up button of the case. While this is a bit of an inconvenience for sure, I haven't found it to be a huge problem yet because pushing the up button on the case easily adjusts the down volume of the iPad. My son almost never adjusts the volume so this really isn't a huge issue, and I might cut this part out with a box cutter completely at some point.
- iPad Air 2 is thinner (6.1mm) and lighter (30 grams lighter to be exact) than the iPad Air, but is otherwise the exact same dimensions in terms of length and height. The iPad Air is 7.5mm thick. This 1.4mm difference in thickness is very significant in terms of the device itself, and would certainly be considered a critical difference when dealing with rigid cases, but the iPad Air 2 seems to fit just fine in this soft silicone case without feeling too loose. Perhaps it helps having a glass screen protector on the front.

All other iPad Air 2 ports and buttons are easily accessible and in the correct positions for use in this case including the headphone jack, lightening cable port, power and home buttons.

So now you might be asking yourself, "She spent all this money on an iPad Air 2 and is a Prime member, why not just return this case and buy a case that is actually made to fit the iPad Air 2 perfectly?" That's a great question, and the simple answer is that I looked at all the alternative "kid cases" available for iPad Air 2 and they don't have the features that drew me to this case in the first place or are otherwise obnoxious in some way. Here's what I wanted in a case:

- I wanted a case that had handles on more than just one side that are the perfect size for little hands because my son likes to run around with this and sometimes hang it from cabinet and drawer knobs or hold it with two hands on either side while he rides in the car and watches videos. All the other kid cases for iPad Air 2 either have one handle, no handles or have two handles but are obnoxiously large and cartoonish, having feet, arms, a head or giant smiley faces imprinted on the back. No thank you. I wanted a case that would keep the device as slim and portable as possible and not add unnecessary girth or weight.

- I wanted a case with a built in, easy to use kickstand on the back that wouldn't get in the way. I LOVE the kickstand of this case and it's really easy for my son to operate on his own which is a huge bonus. The viewing angle is great and it doesn't top over easily. The other kiddie case kickstands are not nearly this user friendly or sturdy and just add bulk.

- I wanted a case that would leave open access to the charging and headphone ports without having to flip open some silicone flap. I hate those! Some of the kiddie cases that I was considering as options had those. I don't get it, if it's to protect from water or dust, if a kid is playing with it, they're either going to drop the whole thing in the toilet or not. Those little port plugs won't do a dang thing.

This case (assuming you're buying it for an iPad Air) would be nearly perfect in my opinion! Here are the only things I think could be better:

- The handles are angled slightly toward the rear of the iPad. That isn't a problem at all, but they would serve the iPad much better if they were angled IN, toward the screen. The reason is if this iPad were subjected to a sgnificant face down drop or fall, the screen would likely be damaged. If the handles were angled in, they would protect the screen from a face down drop by holding it an inch above the ground.

- The silicone is very thick and soft which is great, but I think this case would be lighter and even more protective if it were made out of a slightly more rigid foam or material.

- The corners are all well suited for shock absorption which is great, but the front and back are a little lacking. The hard plastic back of the kick stand sits flush with the back of the iPad. I think it would be good if there was a layer of silicone or foam in between the hard plastic of the kickstand and the rear of the iPad itself.

In summary, this case is THE BEST ONE I FOUND for kids use with the iPad Air AND iPad Air 2 even though it isn't a perfect fit for the latter. The pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion and it's worth it to me to have the features I like and avoid the ones I don't for a little button hole and microphone incompatibility. I WISH THIS MANUFACTURER WOULD MAKE ONE FOR IPAD AIR 2!!! My son has been using his new iPad in this new case for a few days now and so far it has been fantastic! This is really well designed for the most part and as a parent of a special needs child for whom the iPad is more than just a toy, I really appreciate that! I sincerely hope this helps another iPad owning parent out there!

I did NOT receive this item for free or at a discount.

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3Does its purpose.
By Amazon Customer
I like it. It does it's purpose to protect the iPad. Though the side buttons need work. My nephew could not get the case to push down on the volume buttons. It was hard for him to lower or raise whatever he was watching or listening to. Over all good product.

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1Don't buy!
By Nina
iPad case does not line up with actual iPads buttons. Volume and camera holes are off. Back stand piece broke not even after a month of use. VERY POOR QUALITY for that price.

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