HQRP Replacement Battery Palm Tungsten E2 PDA + Screwdriver + HQRP Universal Screen Protector

HQRP Replacement Battery Palm Tungsten E2 PDA + Screwdriver + HQRP Universal Screen Protector

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  • Sales Rank: #79784 in Health and Beauty
  • Color: White
  • Brand: HQRP
  • Model: A44_25Qpl8


  • HQRP Li-Ion Internal Replacement Battery + HQRP Universal Screen Protector
  • 1100mAh High Capacity, Voltage: 3.7v
  • CE and SGS-ISO-9001-2000 Approved.
  • 100% compatible with Original Battery and Charger devices;
  • 200 days warranty

HQRP Replacement Battery for Palm Tungsten E2 PDA + Screwdriver + HQRP Universal Screen Protector

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5I'm so happy this kit was available
By K. Wear
I have a Palm Tungsten E2, many years old now, but still used daily. I knew the battery was coming to the end of its useful life, as it would not hold a charge for more than a couple of days. I ordered this kit and am tickled with the results. The screwdriver fit the slots perfectly and the battery, after charging, keeps my Palm going just like new. The real challenge was getting the old battery out, as it's stuck down with a pretty strong adhesive. The inclusion of a small tool to apply some leverage under the battery would have made this kit perfect. I did go to You Tube to watch a demo of the battery being changed and felt confident I could proceed. This was necessary as there were no instructions included. When you go to You Tube, don't get sidetracked by the video that talks about soldering - wrong video! The most necessary caution was to keep the Palm back-facing-up during the entire process so you don't inadvertently dump the contents out onto the tabletop!

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5Do not hesitate to purchase this replacement battery
By Papa Diggy
This battery restored my Palm to full run time. The original battery had limited function. The small torx screwdriver was perfect but no pry tool was included. A butter knife substituted nicely. Just begin the opening at the top edge. The top bezel and power key may fall out but not a big deal. There are two plastic prongs at the bottom that interlock the front and back so don't separate at a steep angle. The front and back slide apart. I mounted my battery label down to allow for better dressing of the wires. I have always Hot-synced with my laptop but was pleased that the Palm 'woke up' and all my stuff was still there as happens with a soft reset. Very satisfied.

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5Somewhat tricky but does the job
By ocf
I had used this battery replacement to resurrect my Tungsten E2 which I thought had bit the dust several months ago. It was not charging properly at the time (this was after about almost 2 years of use) - not able to do a full charge. And I noticed the charge wearing out rather fast. Finally, one day I could not turn it on nor reset at all, charger or not.

I appreciate the other reviews which pointed me to this product -- it saved me over $150 to buy a new PDA. You definitely need to buy this version that has the special screwdriver with it. And I highly recommend what others said about looking at youtube videos on how to replace it.

I did the replacement in about 30-40 minutes. The only minus was that I used a sharp knife to split open the inside and the result was leaving a few scratchmarks on the sides (I couldn't find another object to wedge it open and you can't use the screwdriver itself for that task). But has no effect on performance.

$13 dollars vs $150 -- it was worth the gamble to see if the battery replacement would bring back my PDA and I have no regrets. Battery works awesomely and has plenty of long lasting power before a charge is needed. The one caution is that you'll need to reset the PDA (as instructed on various online instructions) which can mean losing your data. But hopefully you've already backed it up on a computer via a sync before it went down.

SCREEN PROTECTOR - This is a nice bonus to it. This however took me almost a half hour to place on right -- mostly figuring how to cut the cover and reinforement layers correctly so that it fits snug on the display window. Once done it works well. You might have to tap slightly harder to register, but I don't think I have to do that anymore. And you definitely want to be sure to get out all the air bubbles as much as you can (as per instructions).

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