Pwr Car Headrest Mount Car Seat Holder Strap Case Compatible with 9" inch DVD Players

Pwr Car Headrest Mount Car Seat Holder Strap Case Compatible with 9" inch DVD Players

Price: $15.99


  • Brand: PWR+
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: PWR+
  • Model: 548-PWR58-90386


  • SPECS: Non-Slip Surface and Adjustable Strap allows for Safe Mounting of the DVD Player to the Headrest
  • FEATURES: Light-Weight and Solid Construction Stain and Heat Resistant Materials
  • EXTRA: Designed to be Compatible with All 9" Screen Portable DVD Players / Simple and Easy to Use - No Assembly Required
  • WARRANTY: 30 Days Refund - 24 Months Exchange. PWR+ is WA, USA based company. We are friendly Customer Support Experts
  • COMPATIBILITY: Sylvania, Sony DVP, Philips, DBPower, RCA Twin, Insignia, Imprecca, Audiovox, Proscan, Ematic, Naviskauto


Compatibility: This Car Headrest Mount will fit All 9" Screen Portable DVD Players

Audiovox : D1915 D1917 D1988 DS9521PK DS9106 DS9421T DS9343TPK DS9321 D1800 D1805 D1810 D1812 D1817PK D1827PK D1830 D1888 D8000 D8000IP D8000XP
Cinematix : 70164 70165 70166 70167 70168 70169 70170 70171 70663
Ematic : ED909 ED929D EPD909BL EPD909BU EPD909PR EPD909RD EPD909TL EPD919BTL
Philips Dual Screen : DCP850/05 DCP850/37 Dcp851 DCP855/37 Dcp951 DCP951/05 PB9011/37 Pd9000 PD9000/05 Pd9000/37 PD9000/37S Pd9001 Pd9001/05 PD9012 CRB PD9012 R SINGLE PD9012/17 PD9012/37 PD9012M/37 PD9012P/17 PD9012P/37 PD9012P/37S PD9016 PD9016/05 PD9016/37 PD9016/37B PD9016P/37 PD9016P/37S Pd9030 Pd9030/05 PD9030/37 PET800 PET805 PET810 PET815 PET815/05 PET821 PET824 PET830/05 PET831 PET835 PET940/05 PET941 PET941D PET941D/05 RBPD9000/37
RCA : BDP-SX910 DPDM95R DRC6296 DRC6368 DRC79981E DRC79982 DRC96090 DRC96090B-CR DRC98090 DRC98091S DRC99380U DRC99392D DRC99392E
Sony : Dvp-FX805K DVP-FX810 DVP-FX820 DVP-FX930 DVP-FX950 DVP-FX970 DVP-FX980
Sylvania : SDVD9000B2 SDVD9002 SDVD9019 SDVD9020 SDVD9020B SDVD9020B-BLACK SDVD9020B-Blue SDVD9020B-Pink SDVD9020B-Red SDVD90B SDVD9319 SDVD9805 SDVD9805-C SDVD9957 SDVD9957-D SLTDV9200

GPX : PD931 PD931B PD901W; Impecca DVP916K DVP916P DVP916B DVP916W DVP916PU; Insignia NS-DS9PDVD15 NS-D9PDVD15 NS-P9DVD15; NaviskAuto PD01-09001L-18A PD01-09001R-18A 25-PD0901-US SK-BP-CH0909B-US; Naxa NT-90 NPD-952; ONN ONB15AV206E; Supersonic SC-179 SC-259A; SYNAGY A19 A29 A39; Toshiba SD-P2000; Verezano PDVD-12309C; Pyle PDV91BK PDH9; Orei DVD-P901; Azend Envizen Digital ED8850B ED8890A MDP919; JBL JB900BU; KEWEIER PLD93; Tmvel TMV-DVD700; UEME PD-0091; Craig CTFT713