Airplane Charging Converter

Airplane Charging Converter
From BoxWave

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Product Details

  • Brand: BoxWave
  • Model: bw-34-0-0
  • Dimensions: .12 pounds


  • Connects to the EmPower DC power port now adopted by many major commercial airlines
  • Designed for use with the VersaCharger, Car Charger, or Car Charger (High Current Output)
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Small, light, and convenient to take with you
  • Keep your device (handheld, iPod, cellphone) charged no matter how long the flight

Now you have the ability to constantly power your handheld at 35,000 feet!   Simply connect the Airplane Charging Converter to the VersaCharger PRO or Car Charger, and the other end of this connector into the airplane's power socket in your armrest for unlimited power throughout your entire flight.  You'll never have to worry about running out of power anymore!

Customer Reviews

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3Very basic device, but it does the trick...
By Cary L. Brown
I fly internationally from time to time, and I need to be able to power my entertainment devices on those 17-20-hour flights around the globe. Some aircraft have standard USA-style power outlets on some seats... others have "cigarette lighter" adaptors... but most (in my experience) have what's called an "EmPower" port.

My laptop has an "EmPower/Cigarette" charger... but most devices don't, it does get tedious having a full laptop on your tray table for the entire flight. I have a little portable media player... an Archos 5, with a 250GB hard drive in it, with my entire music/recorded-book library, quite a few books on PDF, and a number of DVD movie transfers. But, being a hard-drive-based device rather than a flash-memory-based device, it fairly sucks down the power, especially when the display is in full-time use. 3 hours of display-based use on a charge is about normal. (12 or so for music-only, though.)

Also, I'd sure like to be able to charge my cell phone on the flight... or charge my GPS, or so forth. And so I needed a way to power these devices on a plane.

My solution is one of these devices, with a 2-port USB power outlet plugged into it, and the appropriate USB cables. My cigarette-lighter USB device puts out plenty of power, but I needed a way of getting the power from the EmPower port to the device itself. This is a fine device for this purpose.

The main concern I have with this device is that it's pretty "bare-bones" in construction. There are no spring-loaded features... no retaining bosses... nothing. It's basically a 12-14V EmPower plug, wires going from that plug, and a conductive "pin" and "sheath" inside of the cigarette lighter adaptor portion. I'd been hoping for a better "sheath" (with embossed retaining grooves, and not simply "rolled" in place), and an actual spring-loaded "pin" for the adaptor pin.

The main concern I have is that I doubt that this device will hold up for hundreds or thousands of "insertion/removal" operations at the "cigarette lighter" end. Fortunately, I don't plan on removing/inserting the USB plug very often, so I should be OK. Your mileage may vary, however.

I have also ordered one of these from Magellan's... they're cheap, so I can afford to compare. I suspect that the Magellan one is slightly higher quality... I'll append this review if I find that to be the case.

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1Useless Garbage, Never Worked
By Jimbo
Pure Garbage. Bought it, took it and tried on multiple British Airways flights, did not work. I was stupid to buy given other 1 star reviews. Hoping my negative review prevents others from wasting time/money.

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1Cheap & Poorly made - would not work.
By C Ski
I bought this for a long plane ride so I could charge an MP3 player. The plastic on the small end was warped so it would not plug into the plane socket. Complete waste of money because it was unusable.

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