BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive iPad Stylus - (Newest Technology) Touchscreen iPad Air Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Ultra Responsiveness, Smoother Glide, and Increased Accuracy for the iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 5s (Lunar Blue)

BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive iPad Stylus - (Newest Technology) Touchscreen iPad Air Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Ultra Responsiveness, Smoother Glide, and Increased Accuracy for the iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 5s (Lunar Blue)
From BoxWave Corporation

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  • Sales Rank: #281200 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Lunar Blue
  • Brand: BoxWave Corporation
  • Model: bw-750-4284-5183
  • Dimensions: .6 pounds


  • FiberMesh Tip is a tightly woven conductive material that is highly durable and resistant to tearing and breaking
  • The result is ultra accurate and responsive performance, including the ability to work at any screen angle with less pressure required for each movement
  • Longer length; Solid aluminum barrel construction
  • Cleans the screen as you use the stylus
  • Package includes 3 clip-on lanyard attachments: 3.5mm headphone jack attachment, 3.5mm headphone jack with an elastic coil for screen use while attached, Charm clip for attachment to key chains, charms, or bracelets

The BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus with FiberMesh is advanced stylus technology, designed as a solution for your everyday touchscreen needs. BoxWave styluses are the best touchscreen writing tools on the market.

FiberMesh(TM): Stylus Innovation
Breakthrough in stylus technology: The FiberMesh tip is precisely engineered with an extremely soft yet durable conductive woven fiber.

The FiberMesh tip is the longest lasting stylus tip on the market today. Designed to the perfect length and weight, the EverTouch Capacitive Stylus is built to last.

One Touch Response
A single press of the EverTouch to the screen will pull up your app of choice. More response. Less frustration.

Three included lanyards offer storage solutions:

2" lanyard
12" lanyard with elastic coil
Charm ring for key chains

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5Four Different Brands, BoxWave being the Current Preferred
By Tinfoot
It strikes me that capacitive screen stylus preferences is as personal as guitar picks (you flat pickers know exactly what I mean), and like guitar picks, I have been on a journey to find the Holy Grail of stylus for my 10.1" Samsung Tab 3. I do have ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen Protector Shield on it, which likely influences stylus interactions.

In my search for the perfect stylus, I have purchased amPen Hybrid Stylus, iDream365 Pack of 6, The Friendly Swede Extra Long - XXL Thin-Tip High Precision Universal Capacitive Stylus Pens 7.3'', and now BoxWave's 5.5" Hybrid Stylus.

BoxWave has come out as the overall best.

Dimensions- Longer and weightier than amPen and iDream365, this stylus doesn't have the extreme length as the Friendly Swede (ended up being too long for me). The barrel feels solid on BoxWave whereas the amPen and iDream's were hollow and thus slightly off-balance.

Tip - A hybrid mesh tip like amPen, BoxWave is as highly responsive but does have a tiny decreasing-over-time squeak when swiping whereas amPen had none from the get-go. amPen's tips are supposedly replaceable, as well as Friendly Swede, although I was never able to get the tip off the amPen. This stylus' tip is fixed. Friendly Swede and iDream365 are rubber-tipped and had the skipping resistance associated with rubber capacitive interactions (iDream365 kept squeaking but Friendly Swede stopped after an evening of use). The BoxWave tip is a bit longer than amPen's little nub and is the standard width.

Included Lanyard - amPen, Friendly Swede, and BoxWave all come with lanyards and 3.5mm speaker jack plug; BoxWave has the nicest quality of the three with a small clip, two piece setup and a solid plug design. No chance of this slipping out.

Economical - iDream365 was the most economical with its pack of 6 with Friendly Swede possibly tying with their pack of 3, interchangeable tips, and extra goodies. However, I decided my priorities for smooth interactions and balanced feel prompted me to try BoxWave. I had lost my amPen after a month, and although both amPen and BoxWave are comparatively priced, amPen's shorter length and trashy lanyard prevented me from ordering again.

I wouldn't be surprised if I try yet more variations down the road, and Friendly Swede has many great, economical features (I had ordered their 3 pack hybrids also, but the packaged got lost before I could try them), but as amongst my wide spread collection of guitar picks, I do have a current favorite and new standard that is beyond price consideration: BoxWave's Hybrid Capacitive Stylus.

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5Good Stylus
By ForeverStudent
I gave it 4 stars because after regular use for 3-4 months my iPad2 seemed to have trouble picking up the stylus. Problem was fixed with a replacement stylus of the same make because I liked it so much. Would have been 5 stars if it had lasted longer.

Upped my rating to 5 stars
Replacement stylus lasted much longer without any problems, I wrote so much on my iPad that the tip became too soft and I replaced with yet another boxwave. Weight, feel, size are all great. I don't expect it to last forever and with how much I use it, 4 months is a long time. Writing is sleek. My favorite stylus by far.

Longevity tip: if you usually toss your stylus in your backpack like I do, consider keeping the box it comes in to store it. Keeps the tip safe and since doing that I have had no issues with it not picking up my writing.

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1Garbage I use my iPad as a notebook instead of ...
By Lentus

I use my iPad as a notebook instead of paper for several years now. As such, I've used many different stylus. One failure I've gotten used to is the "clip" will fail first. I expect this and when they fail, I simply buy a new one. Typically I get a few to several months of use out of a stylus before this happens so replacing them is more a nuisance than a financial burden.

However, these are different. I purchased 4 of these and they were delivered on 10/1/14. I am writing this review on 10/21/14 and the clip has already failed on 3 of the 4. The fourth was only taken out of the packaging today and I'm hoping it will survive long enough for the replacements (DIFFERENT brand) arrives later in the week.

As for writing with these, they were decent. The woven microfiber tips are great but these are a bit thicker than others making them less precise.

However, if they fall apart after minimal use they are of no use to me.

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