Toddy Zin Zin 5X7

Toddy Zin Zin 5X7

Price: $6.72


  • Brand: ToddyGear
  • Manufacturer: Toddy Gear
  • Weight: 2


Nothing says "I love my e-gadget" quite like a bouquet of fresh blooming zinnias, and maybe a big fat juicy kiss. Just don't kiss the keypad - ew.
  • Made of 100% premium microfiber for effective removal of dirt, smudges and grime from your iPad or any touchscreen device without the need of any liquid
  • Perfect for Toddying smaller surfaces such as iPods, iPhones, Blackberry and Android devices
  • Double-Sided screen cleaner: plush to clean and buff - silk to polish
  • Environmentally friendly - machine washable, cold, tumble dry low
  • Treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield to protect it from germs, mold and mildew making it the perfect antibacterial touch screen cleaner